You’re Just Not The Man I Married, Part 2 of 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of this article, you really need to start with that.  Go back and read part 1, from November 15, 2014, and then come back here and pick up right where the first part leaves off.


She’ll make it twice as worse to suffer a layoff because you aren’t just being laid off; you’re being laid off and you have to face her wrath about something over which you have no control.

Women are masters at hating you, at shitting on you, at attacking you over things like that. It doesn’t matter that you can’t control every variable in the universe. It doesn’t matter that sometimes bad things happen and you can’t do anything but deal with them. No, sooner or later, something like that will happen, and she’ll blame you for it, and she’ll act like it’s your fault even when any rational human being would understand that it’s an event completely external to you.

That’s why they leave when you don’t have money. That’s why they don’t value you if you aren’t making money. You’re of no use to them. At the genetic level, if you can’t provide for the offspring they’ll grudgingly allow you to father (and with which they’ll use as a weapon against you until your children are old enough to make decisions of their own), you’re a piece of dogshit. Women whine and complain that our society values physical beauty over all else, that we don’t value them if they’re not attractive and we quickly consign them to second-class status if they were once hot and now are hot no longer — but the exact same thing applies to men and money. If you’ve got money, you’re a king. If you’re just an ordinary guy, you might be okay, if you’re willing to absorb her shit for not being rich. If you’re poor, you’re nothing, and you never will be. You might as well put a bullet through your face and out the back of your skull, you goddamned loser.

I’ve gotten pretty far away from my original point. My point was that women delight in criticizing you. It makes them feel powerful and it’s a way of displacing their own discontent with their lives. Each of us is in charge of making himself or herself happy; nobody can make you happy with your life but you. The average woman, however (and there are exceptions — beautiful, rare exceptions who make a man soft and hard, keep him that way, and make him want to weep for how wonderful his woman can be in every aspect of life) loves to blame everyone around her, especially her man, for her unhappiness. In so doing she sees every flaw he has, real or imagined, and berating him about these flaws makes her feel a perverse rush of power whenever she does it.

This type of criticism hurts him, meanwhile, worse than anything else, because in general she’s asking him to change things that cannot be changed, at least not without an inhuman effort. She wants him to change his personality; she wants him to be physically something he’s not; she wants him to be a different person. A man can either completely give him self over to his woman’s browbeating and try, desperately and in vain, to alter his personality completely, or he can stop and say, “What the fuck?” and ask why she would ask him to do something that she would herself consider the height of arrogance and abuse were he to demand it of her.

Even something that can be changed will be invoked in a way that can do him no good when she wants it to be different. If she complains that he has gotten fat — a common enough malady among men as they age — the implication will be that he must lose the weight right now, tonight, without delay. She will allow him no time in which to work toward that goal. She will, in fact, work against him as he tries, for each day that she browbeats and insults him about his weight, telling him how disgusting he is and how she is no longer attracted to him, he will eat out of resentment at her cruelty and her presumptions of authority over him.

Were the shoe on the other foot, and were he considering leaving a woman to whom he “just wasn’t attracted anymore” because he had stayed fit while she had gotten fat, he would be decried as an immature and miserable fairweather paramour, shallow and base, unable to accept his woman as she is. Meanwhile, women’s groups and talk show hosts like Tyra Banks proclaim that they are comfortable with their out-of-shape bodies, thus “empowering” themselves and shrieking that they really are okay with looking unattractive. The men of the world are expected to swallow this, meekly and without complaint, knowing all the while that they will be reviled as fat, worthless slobs, lazy and weak, if they follow the same path (or if they have already followed it).

Women are far too free with their sharp tongues. It never occurs to them that the blade, the whip, with which they lash their men will eventually cut their own throats (figuratively, now — please, no nonsense about violence towards women, as we’ll get to that in a subsequent posting). The more they criticize, the more they will find themselves ultimately alone, for every man has a point past which he can take no more abuse, and when he reaches that point, he leaves. He seeks shelter either in solitude or in the arms and between the legs of a woman who does not yet hate him… though in time she, too, will come to learn to do it.

It is a vicious cycle. If we could only learn to break it, we would all be happier.  This is why many men decide that, if they want to be out with beautiful women, an escort is the best choice.