Why Dating an Escort is Better than Traditional Dating, Part 2

You may not know it, but every woman compares herself to the other women she sees and meets. This may sound unkind, but it’s not meant to be. Men compare themselves to others too; it’s just that it is women who are our focus here, because it is women, and specifically very beautiful and sexy women, that our clients are seeking. Every woman wants to know that she is sexy enough, that she is beautiful enough, that she is desirable enough. So she looks at the other women she sees on the street and she thinks about whether she measures up to those other women.

The deepest fear somewhere in her heart, whether she acknowledges it or not, is that she might not be as attractive as some other woman, or that a man might choose that other woman over her. And so when she sees a very beautiful woman especially, she starts asking herself what that beautiful woman has going for her, and how she measures up to her. At SDBabes.com, all of our women are very beautiful. Every girl on our staff is a professional who knows how to put her best foot forward no matter what the situation. She’s not just good looking; she’s drop dead gorgeous, possible one of the sexiest women you’re ever going to meet in real life (and if not, then we are very impressed, sir). So when you have such a beautiful woman on your arm, when you travel in the company of a San Diego escort from our company, you will absolutely turn the heads and blow the minds of the women who see you.

They will immediately be jealous, not because they have any right to be, but because they will realize you are with an attractive, beautiful woman who puts them to shame. They will immediately sense on some inner level that you have picked one of our gorgeous San Diego escorts and not them, and this will drive them to an inner jealousy that forces them to ask, “What does she have that I don’t?” Better still, she will wonder what YOU have going on for you. She will assume that you have some quality that has attracted such an incredible lady to be out with you. This will prompt her to believe that there is something special about you. She will raise her estimation of you accordingly. In other words, she will think to herself, “This man is special. If he’s with someone that sexy, he must have qualities that would make me want to be with him too. And if I could attract this man, that would mean I’m as beautiful and sexy as the woman who is on his arm now.” This is all part of raising perception of yourself in the eyes of the woman that see you.

The more beautiful women you are seen with, the higher other women will raise your value in their own eyes. Thus, by taking our San Diego escorts out with you, you’ll be doing yourself a tremendous favor. You will, in effect, be investing in your future, because you will be training other women to see you as the sort of discerning, influential, and desirable man you know yourself to be. Everyone has value, and every one of our clients can have this kind of influence with women. We just help you find that, and cut through all the red tape and delays to get there you as quickly as possible. That is the service we provide, after all: We connect men with beautiful, desirable women, eliminating the lengthy social dance that men and women put themselves through when they date more conventionally.

Conventional, traditional dating, after all, is an incredible time-waster. Just think of how inefficient it is! How many weeks do you spend just getting a woman’s attention? How many nights will you go to the same bar, or many bars, or to those awful single’s mingle arrangements, and how much time will you invest in doing that? You’ll meet countless people who you’ll never connect with, and you’ll end up going home alone and annoyed, disappointed with the entire process. Worse, you’ll have wasted the night, and how many more nights will you burn through? We all only get so much free time, and you can’t afford to throw yours away.

Even if you do think you’re establishing a connection with a young lady, there is a good chance she’ll turn out to have too much baggage, too many problems, or she’ll be the type who wants to treat you poorly or manipulate you. How many of your guy friends are always jumping through hoops in order to please the women in their lives… only to fail and forever be jumping through those same hoops? There’s no guarantee that a woman in whom you invest all kinds of time and effort will ever work out as someone you could enjoy as your regular lady friend, whatever you want to call that traditional, conventional relationship. So why bother? Book a San Diego escort and you can skip all of that time-wasting nonsense. You can just burn right through all of it, skip it completely, and get to the good part, where you get to spend some time with a beautiful, sexy lady whose job it is to make sure you have a good time.

That’s very important, because when you spend time with one of our girls, she’s going to make sure you don’t waste any of your precious free time, you don’t do a single thing you don’t want to do, and you are treated with respect. Very few men today get the respect they deserve. Our professional entertainers will treat you like a king, and it will be an experience you never forget. Whatever develops between you and one of our San Diego escorts, you can rest assured that your money is well and efficiently spent.

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