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Her hobbies include shopping; she likes to bargain shop for high end items. She is really good at negotiating a really good deal. Stephanie has gotten some pretty good things from her bargain hunting ways.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I have never understood people who just kind of sit around,” she confesses. “That’s one of the reasons I like to stay active. Your body is a machine, and it is one of the most incredible machines that has ever been created. You know those Greek statues that show the human body in all its glory, those impossibly built human figures with the twelve-pack abs and the rippling muscles? I just love those. I love that ancient cultures recognized how incredible the human body could be. Even back then, centuries before we came along, they recognized how desirable and sexy a healthy body could be. And they were working at a disadvantage compared to us. They didn’t live as long, they didn’t have the healthcare we do. People who were born with simple medical problems were sometimes just discarded. It was survival of the fittest. It’s easier for us now, and we have no excuse, but many of us don’t take the pleasure in our bodies that we should. That’s why I love being sexy. I love not only working on my body, getting more fit and toning it up, but also I love being able to show it off. When a man tells me I’m sexy, when he puts his hand on my shoulder or my stomach or my rear end and I can feel the pleasure that courses through him when he does that, I know I’m doing my job well. I love that I have the ability to make a man happy just by being me. That’s the beauty of being a San Diego escort, you know. What is our employer asking of us except simply to be who we are? When I’m myself, when I’m the person I choose to be, that is something that men desire. It’s something they want to be close to. It’s something they want to spend time with and they’re willing to pay to book my time. I adore that. I feel so good about that. I don’t think women who are sexy and attractive, but don’t seem to know that they are, realize the power and the influence they are passing up by not recognizing their natural assets. A beautiful woman is the most important thing in the world to a man. He’ll do just about anything to be close to one. And when he books my time, he can.”