Sasha just recently graduated from college with a degree in secondary education, before she settles down with a family and career she wants to live her life without a care in the world. Sasha is spontaneous, that may mean getting a tattoo, skinny dipping at 2 in the morning, or going out of the country at a moment’s notice. Sasha loves to travel especially in the United States and abroad. She’s equipped with loads of interesting stories about her previous travels and she’s ready to share them over drinks. Everything about this stunning beauty drives a man crazy.

An evening out with her in any city makes you feel like you’ve been transported to Paris and the time seems to fly when you’re with Sasha. She has an addictive personality and her stunning good looks and charm will make you want to know her on a deeper level. When she’s done with you, you will always want her around. Sasha has a personality that makes everyone love her. She’ll fit right in where ever you go; she is discreet and no one will ever know she is an escort.

Being out with Sasha is anything but boring. Sasha’s amazing energy transforms in the bedroom where she is not afraid to try new things and experiment. She wants to explore as much of her sexuality as she can while she is still young. Sasha would be happy to share you with another playmate; the three of you could have a great time. She loves to explore subjects that maybe a little taboo to other people. You won’t have to guard your words with Sasha. No matter what you have in mind Sasha would be happy to try it at least once. Help Sasha explore life before she is ready to settle down.

Sasha loves visiting museums and learning about people from around the world. She has been to the museum of history in her home town about 100 times. She is really a beauty but a nerd in disguise.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Sasha admits that she managed to garner quite a lot of attention in college. “There’s a reason that everyone has fantasies about college coeds,” she admits. “It’s because college girls represent a woman in the absolute prime of her sexuality. I know that they claim a woman hits her sexual peak much later in life, and that it’s supposed to be a lot later than a man does. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe it at all. I think a woman is at her sexual peak when she’s as young and sexy and beautiful as she’s going to be. Every woman, she hits the best part of her attractiveness when she’s college age. It’s all downhill after that. Sure, she’ll have a lot of years where she’s drop dead sexy, especially if she takes good care of herself, but a college girl is the sexiest a woman is going to be in her life. So yes, I’m used to getting attention as a coed. I like the way men’s eyes follow me, the way their heads turn, and the way they talk about me when they think I can’t overhear. I know that these days we’re supposed to get all offended when men notice that we’re sexy, or when they compliment us, or even when they just chat us up. It’s supposed to be ‘catcalling’ or some nonsense. But the fact is that for as long as there have been pretty girls, men have been noticing them and telling them about it, trying to get their attention, trying to win them over. There will always be that dynamic between men and women. Frankly I don’t want to live in a world where that impulse to conquer women, to win them, to be with them, has been driven out of men as something bad or something they shouldn’t feel.”
Sasha explains that the key to livening up any room is to just be completely free, to let go of your inhibitions and not let doubts stop you. “I know that there are always good reasons to hold back, not to go full out when you’re meeting people or when you’re doing new things. People will always tell you to be cautious. But I believe very strongly in giving everything your all. When you give a hundred percent, you get more out of life. It’s true.”