When Mallory walks into the room, she grabs the spotlight and she has a knack for entertaining people. She has plenty of time to play but she’s having a hard time finding someone to play with. No one has been able to keep with her energy. Mallory’s bubbly personality and all around good nature seems to charm anyone that meets her. She loves to meet new people and they often love her peppy little attitude. She was a cheerleader in high school and she still loves sports of all kinds.

Cheerleading has left Mallory very flexible and the rigorous workout schedule she followed as a cheerleader has made her body tone and firm with soft sensual curves in the right places. She still works out just as vigorous now. If you like a bit of role playing and want a private cheerleading demonstration Mallory can show you her moves. Her perky attitude is almost synonymous with her perky breast. Although Mallory is so young she does not act like an immature teenager. She is responsible and very sophisticated for her age.

She loves fashion and has a keen eye for it. Mallory loves to shop at the mall with her friends or put on a private fashion show for you. She’s working her way through college and hopes to be a fashion designer. She will get an Associate’s degree from the community college she attends soon. Although she is a straight “A” student and studies hard, Mallory still makes time to have plenty of fun. She truly believes that all work and no play will make life dull. She’s up for new ideas but she is more than willing to come up with a few of her own. Party girl Mallory is ready and willing to show you how to have fun.

Mallory is really into sports. She loves catching a good football or basketball game. She may even beat you on the court. Even though she was a cheerleader in high school, she played volleyball on her middle school team all three years.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“People do ask me about cheerleading, sure,” Mallory says. “Cheerleaders are an incredibly sexy fantasy for a surprising number of men. Sometimes you kind of wonder why, you know? I mean it’s not as if a cheerleader outfit is more sexy than some other outfits. It’s less so, really, since the top part is usually pretty conservative and the only really revealing part is the skirt. A short skirt turns a lot of men on, but why the cheerleader outfit specifically? And I think, after spending a lot of time thinking about it, I know the answer. I think a lot of guys first started getting really turned on by girls in high school. Well, for some it is even earlier. But in high school, that’s when you think about having sex absolutely all the time if you’re a teenaged boy. It absolutely dominates everything in your life. It’s all you can think about. They’ve done studies and the average young boy is absolutely swamped in hormones. Well, who are the sexiest girls in school when you are that age? They’re the prettiest ones, the most outgoing ones, the ones who took the time to be cheerleaders. The cheerleaders are like sexy royalty in school. It’s why most men are really, really turned on by football cheerleading squads. These girls just tap everything that a man finds most sexy about anything in life, from his earliest memories of puberty. So yes, I understand the cheerleading fantasy, and when I’m with a guy, I’m not afraid to help him explore that. I think every man should have more of his fantasies explored for him and with him. It’s so little and yet it makes him so happy. Women need to be more understanding about helping a man fulfill his fantasies.”
Mallory is used to turning heads and likes what that does for the men who date her. “When I walk into a room, I know that I’m going to be noticed. The man who is with me, he’s going to get noticed too. The people who see him with me will think that he must be pretty special if he’s got a girl like me. It makes him look good, and I like knowing that other men are turned on by me. They’re jealous that they’re not the ones with me. I really do enjoy that feeling every time it happens.”