Perhaps because she is so young, but you would think Lexus is really shy when you first meet her. After you get to know her you will discover that she has a bright and sunny personality. You’ll soon realize that she has a hidden passion that is unmatched by any other young lady her age. She won’t really do a lot of talking about herself; she would rather listen to you talk about yourself and tell your stories. Lexus was always the shy girl in school that ate alone and she never really had many close friends. She is trying to learn to come out of her shell. Little by little she is learning to do daring things.

Lexus works as a secretary. No one at her office ever realizes she’s there. She stays to herself and doesn’t really talk to anyone. She wouldn’t even know what to say. She is ready for someone to help transform her. She’s a caterpillar ready to turn into a butterfly. She has devised a plan, she feels like she can’t change how the people at work see her but when she’s not at work she changes just like Clark Kent changes to Superman.

When the lights go out all the shyness disappears. Be careful, if she locks you in one of her passionate embrace you just may not want to let her go. She transforms into a vixen that you just did not know existed. You’ll be ravaged into an endless pleasurable night. Lexus loves for you to take control. Lexus is a true mystery: one minute she is demure and meek, the next she’s a hot ball of fire. You’ll love every minute that fire brings to the bedroom. Lexus will fulfill all of your desires just communicate your needs to her, you are in good hands. She is more than happy to let you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Lexus is an avid reader. She will read anything she gets her hand on. She is very well read, but she loves mystery novels. Lexus loves to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I love being young and beautiful,” Lexus admits. “I love that I can bring that kind of energy into a room. People really underestimate the influence that bringing a great energy into someplace can have on the people in that place. We all know somebody like that. You know that old phrase, ‘the life of the party?’ I think that means something, and it isn’t just an expression. We all have that friend who makes everything more fun when they are around. Some of those high energy friends are actually exhausting. You know, when they finally go home, you find yourself just kind of deflating, but when they’re around, you just feed off that energy you provide. That’s what being the life of the party is. When you are one of those high-energy type of people, you bring an infectious kind of excitement to everywhere that you go. You force people to engage. You get them excited and moving. You keep things interesting. Without people like that, who can bring that exciting energy into the picture, I think we’d all just kind of slow down until we got so bored we gave up. That’s not the party lifestyle I’m looking to live, not bored like that. I want to stay high-energy always. I want to be excited every day. When I wake up, I want to know I have a full schedule of incredible things ahead of me. So I strive to be one of those high-energy people, always. I want to bring that excitement into other people’s lives. I don’t want to overdo it. I don’t want to overpower people. We all know people like that, too. People who are too high energy can be the sorts of people who come across as obnoxious and they drive others away from them. So I always try to strike a balance.”
Lexus admits that there are times when she fantasizes about what the men in her office must be thinking. “I know that I look good even in conservative clothes suitable for the office,” she says. “For a lot of men, that’s actually a fantasy. And I know the men in my office look at me. I can feel their eyes on me. I sometimes wonder what they must be thinking, the dirty, naughty things they picture us doing. And sure, maybe sometimes I play to that. I like having fun.”