Kendra wants to share a laugh or two. She absolutely loves to laugh. You’ll enjoy a great time with Kendra. She’s so light hearted and sassy. Kendra is looking for a good looking partner that shares her enthusiasm for making people laugh. She loves a good guy with a great sense of humor and her beautiful smile is the perfect compliment at the end of the day.

You’ll enjoy sharing all of your wild and embarrassing stories with Kendra; for every one you have she just might have two or three. Kendra’s wild side has gotten her into a few sticky situations before but she’s all too proud of each and every one of them and happy to share. When Kendra’s wild side is in action you’ll see her dance on top of the bar or be the first in line to do karaoke. This girl loves being in front of all the excitement.

She’s considered the social butterfly so don’t be surprised if someone she knows spots her out on the town. Kendra is happiest when surrounded by great company. You’ll forge a unique relationship with her almost immediately because she is just so fun-loving. You will feel like you’ve known her forever because she is so easy to talk to.

If you’ve had a bad day or week, spending time with Kendra will make you forget about it. Thoughts of her voluptuous body will cheer you up instantly. When the lights go down she will get your heart pumping and her vibrant personality makes everything fun. Kendra is a bit submissive and will easily take directions.

Kendra has daddy issues. Maybe her daddy didn’t provide her enough attention when she was growing up. She has a secret daddy issues that she hasn’t addressed yet.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I love a man with a good sense of humor,” Kendra explains. “To me, I think a good sense of humor is even more important than how a man looks, when it comes to how attractive he is. You see studies like that, polls in newspapers and magazines and stuff, about how being funny is a more powerful way to attract a woman than, say, six-pack abs. Well, heck, everybody likes a nice set of abs, and I’m not saying a good body isn’t attractive. I love my body and I know how attractive it is to other people. But I think the reason a good sense of humor is so attractive, so compelling, is because so much of our lives are the opposite of funny. I mean, it’s true. Life is hard for a lot of people. People work very hard, even when their lives are good. There aren’t too many of us who can just relax and live in luxury. So when you meet someone who can make you laugh, make you happy even for a few minutes, they’re lifting a burden off you. They are bringing some light back into your life, if only just for a little while. When you go to see a stand-up comedian, he or she helps you forget your troubles and your worries for an hour. He makes you laugh and you focus on the next laugh. The good ones can really get you rolling in the aisles, and the great ones can also impart a message about life while they’re doing it. My favorite comedians are almost motivational speakers that way. I think we all could do with more humor in our lives. So yeah, a guy who can make me laugh is a guy who can get my attention. And I’m happy to return the favor and give him some attention of my own. A pretty girl paying attention to you, that’s the fantasy that every man has. That’s what every man wants. No matter whatever else he says he wants, he just wants a pretty girl to give him the time of day and focus on him for a little while. I don’t see how you could ever begrudge a man that. They don’t ask us for that much. They just want to be close to us and experience us and share life with us. How wonderful is that?”