If you could sum Jamie up in one word it would be “kinky.” She is not afraid to embrace her kinky side no matter the situation. That’s what makes a day or night with Jamie so very special. It’s truly an eye opening experience. You won’t find anyone with as much flair and personality as Jamie. She is truly fun to be around and it rubs off on everyone she comes in contact with.

Just like the other beautiful ladies in San Diego, Jamie loves parties and the social life. Making sure everyone around her has a good time is number one on her list. If you need someone to get the party started Jamie is your go to girl. She wants to spend her time with other intriguing fun individuals. If you are shy and reserved she can really show you how to let loose, it’s all about having a good time and you deserve to have a good time. You won’t even realize how fast you loosen up when she is around.

She loves a good man that knows how to treat a woman, and you can bet she gives out good rewards. Jamie can make your wildest dreams come true. Whether you like role playing, fetishes, or spicing up your dull life; she’ll help you shed all of your inhibitions. She loves wearing her catholic school girl uniform or her nurse’s outfits. Just tell her what it takes to make you happy because she aims to please. We dub Jamie the party girl of our bunch, because whenever she is around you can guarantee the party is going down. That is why our clients love inviting her to the party. With Jamie you can guarantee that you’ll have a memorable experience.

Just because Jaime is a kinky girl does not mean she doesn’t have a heart of gold. Jamie volunteers at the homeless shelter. She helps to raise funds for the shelters and she has even served food at the soup kitchen.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“Dressing up in different outfits,” she says, “is to me, at the heart of what makes this job interesting. There are entire television shows devoted to this kind of fantasy. Men love the idea of different special outfits. Who do you think shops out of lingerie catalogs? For the most part, it isn’t women. It’s men. That’s why so many of the clothes in those catalogs come in nice, easy to understand sizes, rather than in measurements that most guys simply don’t understand. We have an advantage when it comes to shopping for lingerie and fantasy clothes, as women, because we know our bodies, and we know exactly what makes them look as good as possible. There is very little that I love more than to go to a lingerie shop and just try on different things. I love to check out my own body in the mirror. I love to see what outfits make me look the most devastatingly sexy. When I try on a new outfit, I want to know that the second my lover sees me, he’s going to have his mind blown. I want him with his jaw hanging open and his heart pounding. When I bend over wearing that outfit, I want him to lose his cool, for sure. And when I go to a lingerie shop I get to do what a man can’t when he buys lingerie for his girl, and that is I can make sure everything is just as form fitting as it can be. I can really flatter my curves. I can show off my body in ways that are just a woman’s domain. And that’s why a hot girl is so powerful in everybody’s world.”
Being a San Diego escort is the perfect fit for the party lifestyle that Jamie likes to lead, and she’s aware of how lucky she is. “I know that I enjoy a very unique life,” she says. “It’s a lot of girls’ dream to get to party when they get up and party before they go to bed. I’m a very lucky woman and there’s no escaping that fact. So I just try to be worthy of this gift I’ve been given, and I try to spread as much joy as possible. To me, that’s the purpose we all have, to share as much happiness with as many other people as we truly can.”