Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have never hired an escort before. Can you tell me how it works?
A. Getting started on having the best time of your life with one of our lovely ladies is actually pretty simple and straightforward.

1. Begin by browsing through our roster of sexy and horny young ladies until you find a couple that really rev your engines. Due to varying schedules it is best to choose at least one favorite girl and at least one backup girl just in case your first choice is already booked up for the time slot you desire.

2. Once you decide on a girl, give us a shout by using the contact form on our contact page or by calling us. The method of contact is up to you and they both give you access to our customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3. Schedule a girl and time that meets your satisfaction and your schedule. Using a valid credit card that belongs to you, make the hold payment to guarantee your session with your chosen escort. Be aware that when your escort arrives, you will need to produce an ID that is government issued and that matches the name of the credit card that was used for the hold fee.

4. Enjoy your time with your San Diego escort! You are in control of the situation. You decide where the two of you will go, what you do together and even how long your session is. Our escorts are pleasant, full of personality and always excited to see you. You are guaranteed to have a good time.

Please remember that if you don’t see precisely the girl that you want, that’s okay. We maintain a network of girls and we always have fresh talent to draw from. If you’re not totally happy with what we have, or if there’s just something special you think you might like, we encourage you to contact us. Communicate with us early and often to let us know what it is you’re looking for. This is our job and we are happy to make sure your needs are met. We will go through our roster of girls, as well as our other contacts, and see if it might not be possible to match you up with someone who directly meets your desires. We will give you the option of choosing one of the ladies we select for you, or picking another one if the ones you most want aren’t available during the free times in your schedule. Scheduling itself can be a complex task. We have had a great deal of experience coordinating the schedules of multiple girls on our staff to meet the sometimes demanding requirements of our customers. As long as you get in touch with us to help us help you, we will do whatever we can to match the free times that you have and the specific events for which you want to book a professional entertainer to keep you company. That’s when the fun part begins, after all: When you step out to your business meeting, family function, date, formal occasion, or other event with one of the most sexy and beautiful women you could ever want keeping you company. You will be amazed at just how good it feels to spend time with one of our lovely ladies. Trust us on this… and book your San Diego escort today, so that we can have as much time as possible to make the arrangements for you.

Q. I have never hired an escort before and I am a little nervous.
A. This is actually a very common scenario and one that our girls are fully trained to be able to handle. You see, we hire only those girls who are experts at setting men at ease. They understand what it is like to be unsure and hesitant in this type of situation. They use their considerable charms and personalities to get to know you and in the process you will feel yourself relax and begin to look eagerly forward to getting to know your escort on a more intimate basis.

Remember that every one of our girls is a professional entertainer. They are not just trained to make you happy. They are also trained to solve problems. When we screen our girls, we make sure they have the energy, the positivity, and the stamina to do this job day in and day out, living the party lifestyle of a professional escort. But we also make sure they have the creativity and problem solving ability to “save” a date that has gone off the rails. Not only will your lovely San Diego escort do everything necessary to put you at ease, help you relax, and make sure you enjoy your time with her, but if something goes wrong and the date isn’t progressing exactly as you prefer, she will step in and see to it that things are improved. She will never make you feel pushed around or like she is trying to be bossy. She is trained to do what she does in as unobtrusive a manner as possible. Remember that, while you may have never done this before, your San Diego escort is a professional entertainer whose whole job is to take care of issues like the ones that could arise when you go out with her. She will apply her experience and her training to your date together, and the result will be that you will have a much better time, with lower stress, than you would if you were on a more conventional, traditional date. Remember also that a lot of the reason people get nervous when they are out on dates is that there is so much nonsense associated with meeting a young lady, getting together with her, establishing where to go, figuring out what she likes, and so on. We cut all of that out of the process. A comedian once said of traditional relationships, “Dating a woman is like being told to guess what she likes, and then succeeding or failing on the basis of how well you read her mind.” You are not a mind reader, and with one of our San Diego escorts, you don’t have to be. It is her job to take her cues from you, listen to what you want, figure out what you need, and make sure everything goes according to plan.

Q. I have heard of the ‘girlfriend experience.’ Is this something that is possible with one of your escorts?
A. Providing the type of girlfriend experience that you desire is actually the basis of our business. We all know that men and women have different needs and desires. In many instances, these both certain around spending time with someone of the opposite gender. Men crave the intimacy and attention that a girlfriend lavishes on her man but they recoil from the demands and drama that often goes hand in hand with having a girlfriend. With our escorts though a whole new spin is put on the experience. You are able to choose a girlfriend experience that dovetails with your unique desires and our escorts deliver it, all without any of the disadvantages of having a girlfriend.

Let’s be honest. As the famous saying goes, you don’t pay a professional to stay; you pay her to leave. Our escorts understand that philosophy. When you book time with our lovely San Diego escorts, you are cutting right to the good part of any dating experience. The disadvantages of having a girlfriend are many, and some of the major liabilities of being in a relationship include the fact that they consume most of your free time. You have to devote almost all of your time to your partner even when there’s something you’d rather be doing, or you risk upsetting them. That’s not what most men want, but it’s what they force themselves to do for the sake of being with a woman. You don’t have to force yourself to do anything when you book one of our San Diego escorts. And if there’s something you’d rather be doing with your time, that’s your call.

Q. I have a special request or an unusual circumstance. How is this handled?
A. We specialize in special requests! At Sdbabes.com, we know that each man is different and we are excited to help fulfill any special requests. Because our escorts are so down to earth and laid back – and they love to make men happy – they are always up for special requests. The best way to handle a special request is to contact us as early as possible. This allows us plenty of time to line up the particulars when it comes to honoring your request. For example, if you want to spend an evening with two beautiful women on your arm instead of only one, we need to make sure that the schedules of the San Diego Escorts you want to hire are compatible.

Rest assured that we will always take your special request seriously, we will never make fun of you, and anything you ask of us will always be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We want you to trust us and we want you to feel you can open up to us. The more open you can be, the better we will be able to meet your specific needs and desires, whatever they may be.

Q. Where do you find the women that work for you?
A. Working for Sdbabes.com is a job that is highly in demand. We are frequently contacted by women – both inside and outside the area – who are interested in making men very happy. We have a stringent hiring process that results in only the best and brightest women working for us. This process includes an extensive interviewing component, a background check and a health check.

We screen our talent rigorously and we make sure that they have what it takes to do this job and do it well. Your San Diego escort will never simply go through the motions. She will give you her utmost effort in all things.

Q. Is using an escort legal in San Diego?
A. San Diego has no laws on its books against spending time with the woman of your choice. When you hire one of our hot babes, that is all that you are paying for: her time. What you do during that time is up to to you. Since the ladies we have working for us are so accommodating and open minded, you can be assured that you will take the lead in deciding what activities the two of you enjoy together.

We encourage you to discuss what you are looking for with the lovely young lady that you book. Remember: It’s your time.

Q. I have to be very discreet. How is my privacy handled?
A. Being discreet about their activities is built right into everything that Sdbabes.com does. We understand that you have a life beyond hiring our agency and we work hard to respect that. You choose where to meet your escort and when. You also choose the more convenient method of making contact with us depending on your own unique circumstances. None of your information is ever shared with anyone outside of our agency. Within the company, we always keep our records safely under lock and key at all times.

Q. I looked at your website but cannot decide on a woman. Can you help me narrow my choices?
A. Our customer service team strives to provide the type of experience that each of our clients desires. If you are having a difficult time choosing from our array of beautiful girls, give us a call or send us an email through our contact page. We will chat with you to get a better idea of what you are looking for and what your goals are with the encounter and be able to match you up with a suitable escort.

We also encourage you to contact us if you do not see a woman that is exactly what you are looking for. We retain a number of women that are able to provide services for our clients and can suggest some that might be a good fit for you.

Q. I looked all through your listings but I honestly don’t see what I’m looking for. Does that mean you can’t help me?
A. Oh, we can help you all right. The great thing about being one of the best escort agencies in the San Diego area is that we have access to an extended network of San Diego escorts who would be more than happy to spend time with you. All you have to do is look through our pages, get some idea of what you are looking for, and then contact us. If nobody on the website is what you want, just describe your ideal San Diego escort to us and we will help to craft an experience that matches, to the best of our ability, what you are searching for. Many of the young ladies who work with us are happy to handle special requests, such as specific outfits, and even wigs and hair color are something they can adjust to meet your requirements. Every man has specific fantasies and we are happy to help you fulfill them, within reason.

It’s important to remember at all times that when you book a San Diego escort, you’re not booking a woman for sex. That is not what we do. We maintain a list of girls who are willing to accept a booking fee in exchange for spending time with our clients. We add value to this process by coordinating those girls’ schedules with those of our clients, helping to get you both in the right time and place for the right duration. Coordinating the schedules of so many busy people, some with specific requirements and needs, isn’t easy, and we take a lot of pride in doing it well. When you go out with your San Diego escort, she is agreeing to go out and spend time with you. That’s as far as it goes. Yes, she will focus on you completely, and give you the benefit of her full attention. This is something many men have not experienced before, and it is one of the reasons our San Diego escorts are so popular. We give you the gift of truly wonderful feminine companionship. All men desire the company of beautiful women, and that is what we do for you. Any romantic connection that develops between the two of you is entirely your business and up to you both.

Q. Do I have to live locally to be able to use your service?
A. No, you absolutely don’t have to live in the area to book a San Diego escort through our agency. This is an incredible city, known throughout the world as a global-class destination city and hub of commerce and tourism. People come to San Diego from all over the world. If you are going to be here for the first time, and you want female companionship to make your trip more memorable, then by all means, call on us. If you are a frequent traveler through this area and you know you’ll want the company of a woman for some or all of your trips to San Diego, then get in touch with us and we’ll work with you to make it happen. If you are coming in for a week’s vacation and you want to book a different woman every night (or more than one), then you can certainly do that. And if you are entertaining clients or friends and you want some beautiful women to spice up your party, you can book multiple San Diego escorts for this purpose. We are happy to provide for you everything you need. We take a lot of pride in doing so and we are always happy to go the extra mile for our clients.

Now, if you happen to live in the local area, that’s great too. We would be absolutely thrilled to build a business relationship with you and have you as our repeat client. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, or you live right here in the greater San Diego area, contact us today. We will arrange for the beautiful San Diego escort of your dreams. You will be very glad you booked with us. We will see to it that you are satisfied. If you don’t go home with a smile on your face, then we have not done our jobs. Every client matters to us here at SDBabes.com, and there are no exceptions.

Q. I’m really worried somebody might find out I used a San Diego escort. Can you reassure me?
A. Again, you need never worry about having your privacy or confidentiality disrupted. Nobody will know that you hired one of our San Diego escorts unless you tell them you did. We will never discuss your time with us with anyone outside our company. We don’t store any electronic data about you, and we keep no records other than those required for legal compliance and business purposes. That means you never have to worry that your name is going to get “hacked” from some list of clients, or that your personal information will end up “compromised” at some third-party location. Please don’t worry. We have you covered, and this starts with our dedication to your privacy and confidentiality.

Our girls know that they will not work with us for long if they cannot maintain client confidentiality. They are discouraged from gossiping about their clients with others inside the company, and of course our administrative staff will never reveal anything about you. You are perfectly safe when you book with SDBabes.com, and that means you can rest assured that your confidentiality is protected. You can’t relax and enjoy your booking if you are worried about your privacy, after all, which is why we ensure your confidentiality above all else. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your wonderful San Diego escort. She really is here to make you happy and make all your dreams come true.

Q. When is your agency open for business?
A. SDBabes.com is open around the clock. We know that you can’t always predict when you’ll want the company of a lovely young lady. We have women on our staff who adhere to all kinds of different schedules. We are certain we can identify, among our network of escorts, someone whose schedule matches your own, whose other qualities also match what you prefer. No matter when you want female company, contact us and we’ll start making arrangements for you. It would be our distinct pleasure to help you no matter the time.

Q. Can I talk to the escort I pick out on the phone or by email?
A. No, it isn’t possible for you to communicate with your escort until we have made arrangements for you to meet her at a location to which both of you have agreed. Once she has greeted you at the place for your date, or at your hotel, or in your home, or at some other location, then the two of you can start talking and get to know each other. As a safety measure, however, we can’t allow prospective clients to speak directly with the girls before the details of the booking have been made.

Q. I want to go away for the weekend with my escort. Is this allowed?
A. Of course it’s allowed. Now, this will depend on a few different factors. If the escort you want to go away with for the weekend has other scheduling obligations during that time, you won’t be able to take her unless she reschedules. But provided you can afford to book that amount of her time, your escort would be happy to spend it with you. All you have to do is let us know.

Q. I’m going to want to book an escort next month when I visit San Diego. Can I do this?
A. Yes, we would be happy to help you schedule an escort well ahead of time. If you know you’re going to be in the city during a specific time period and you want to have a woman to keep you company while you do (or you just want to spice up a business or pleasure trip), then let us know and we’ll make that booking well ahead of time for you, in accordance with your schedule. Schedule it now!

Q. What sort of details about myself am I expected to provide?
A. The beauty of working with SDBabes.com is that we don’t expect anything from you and we certainly would never push you to provide any information with which you were not comfortable. Our escorts know not to push you for any personal information you don’t want to provide. Our respect for you as a client of SDBabes.com is something we take more than seriously. It’s a functioning part of our mission statement as an agency. In other words, you don’t have to provide any details about yourself, period.

Q. Is there anything special I need to do to get ready for my date?
A. There are no special protocols, although the young ladies who meet with you would be happiest if you were clean, well groomed, and dressed appropriately for whatever it is you’ve decided you want to do on your date. It doesn’t take a lot to make our girls happy. As long as you treat them with kindness and respect, and don’t ask them to do anything with which they are uncomfortable, then you’re going to get pretty much what you give to our lovely ladies.

Q. I don’t always know ahead of time that I’ll want to book an escort. Is that okay?
A. Sure, that’s okay. While we would be happy to help you book an escort well ahead of time and according to your schedule, we also field plenty of last minute bookings for those who want to do something when the mood strikes them and not before. Lots of people love to be spontaneous. Still other people don’t always know ahead of time what their schedules are going to be. No matter what or when, we can arrange a date for you.

Q. I’ve looked and looked, but I just can’t decide on an escort from your website. What do I do?
A. We understand completely. You are experience what one rather poetic figure referred to as a “poverty of riches.” There are so many great choices, it’s not possible to decide. Or it may genuinely be that despite the incredible selection on your website, none of the available girls is exactly what you had in mind. That’s okay too. Just describe to us what you’re looking for and we’ll make some arrangements for you. You are in good hands with SDBabes.com!

Q. Do you provide escorts to people with special needs?
A. Yes, we absolutely do. When you contact us, let us know what your specific issue might be. Whether it’s a lack of mobility overall, or some other issue associated with being differently abled, we are certain one of our lovely young ladies would be more than happy to spend time with you. She’ll look past any special needs issues that might exist and get to know the real you. We think you’ll enjoy every minute of doing the same for her. That’s why are our girls are so special.

Q. I’m hosting some important clients and I’d like to have several sexy ladies on hand for the event. Is this doable?
A. Oh, absolutely. We have found that one of the best reasons to book several of our sexy escorts all at the same time (apart from indulging your own fantasies of having a harem of beautiful women following you around in public) is to make sure that a party or a business gathering is truly memorable. Imagine how your guests will feel, in addition to the people you’ve already invited, they can spend time with gorgeous women who are trained to show interest in them. Book multiple escorts simultaneously today!

Q. How do I know the pictures on your website are real?
A. We are aware that it is the practice of some escorts, especially those using online classifieds, to post pictures of women who are not them. In fact, some competing escorts will even steal pictures of other escorts for their classified ads. We never do this, and we can assure you that the pictures on our website are completely genuine. We want you to be able to make an informed choice. We strive to please you.

Q. Are you sure I’m not doing anything illegal?
A. Yes, we are certain you are not doing anything illegal, although it’s not usual to think so and we get this question often. When you book an escort, you’re not booking anything lurid or inappropriate. She’s not promising to sleep with you or take money for other favors. She’s taking your booking fee in exchange for spending time with you and being friendly with you. That’s all she’s doing, and there’s absolutely nothing illegal about that kind of business arrangement. This is a service industry and we aim to please.

Q. I want to take some pictures of me and my date so I can remember the event. Will she let me do that?
A. We get this request frequently. It only makes sense that when you pay to spend time with a gorgeous lady, you want some photographic proof of the fact that you were out with her. These photos allow you to show off a little and also make you look like the kind of man who deserves to have other beautiful women show him attention. If your young lady is willing to pose for pictures, then by all means, have her do so. It is, however, up to the individual escort.

Q. What exactly does a San Diego escort do?
A. Escorts are entertainers. They are service professionals who exchange money for spending time with the men who pay that money. They are entertainers, primarily. Their job is to look fantastic and also to be friendly. You can either enjoy your escort’s company in privacy, reveling in the experience of getting the attention of a lovely lady, or you can take your escort out in public, showing her off and causing the people who see you to raise their assessment of you as the kind of guy who gets beautiful girls.

Q. Why can’t I just find my escort through an online classified site?
A. There’s nothing stopping you from booking an escort through an online classified ad, like the Backpage. San Diego certainly offers plenty of venues through which you might try to find such a woman. The thing is, you get no quality guarantee when you try to find a woman that way. She could be great; she could be a first-class professional. She could also be a con artist. She might not even be a woman at all. Instead of taking that risk, get the assurance of our quality controls. Get a San Diego escort from SDBabes.com and get a guarantee of quality and professionalism.

Q. I’d like to stop by your place of business. Where is it?
A. Sadly, you can’t. While we do maintain offices, they aren’t open to the public. We operate on an outcall basis only. Your young lady comes to you at the location where the two of you have agreed to meet. We do not have any place where you could meet with an escort on our premises.

Q. Is booking an escort really something I can afford?
A. Yes, booking an escort is really very affordable. While it’s true that you have to pay for the time of the woman who will be accompanying you, this amount is actually fairly small when you consider all the money you might invest just trying to locate a girl who would agree to go out on a date with you in the first place (to say nothing of agreeing to spend time with you, talk to you, and engage in whatever social activity you prefer). You absolutely can afford it!

Q. Where do your escorts come from?
A. We are proud to boast a diverse group of talented young ladies from all around the country and even all around the world. All our girls speak English and all are exceptionally talented and beautiful, but they come from a broad cross-section of ethnic and national origins. We think our selection and the diversity of that selection will really please you. Go around the world with our lovely ladies, and then come home again. There is something, or someone, for everyone in our selection, so start looking through our ladies’ profiles today.

Q. What special qualities set your San Diego escorts apart?
A. Oh, we think there are all kinds of qualities that make our girls better than the ones out there from other agencies or who work freelance. The first thing you’ll notice is just how attractive they are. Yes, every escort is a reasonably attractive lady, but our girls are hand picked to be the absolute most beautiful in the entire San Diego area. We have a reputation to uphold, and that starts with our beautiful our escorts are. Our girls are also specially trained and talented to be discreet, friendly, and professional.

Q. What makes your company better than the other agencies in the area?
A. The thing that makes SDBabes.com better than the competition is that we are very detail oriented. A lot of companies are content to just do enough to get by. They are content to say, “It’s good enough,” and leave it at that. If nobody complains too loudly, they figure they must be doing all right. But we don’t accept that standard. We want always to push ourselves to do better, and that means keeping an eye on the small things, the little details, that can make the difference between an okay booking and an excellent booking.

Q. Are you the only escort agency in San Diego?
A. No, we don’t pretend to have cornered the market on escorts in the San Diego area. There are other agencies, and there are plenty of escorts working freelance, who depend on word of mouth or classified ads in order to get their clients. We think once you have experienced the convenience, quality, and high caliber of our girls, though, as well as the administrative touches we provide, you’ll quickly see the advantage of working with us.

Q. Can I book a male escort through you?
A. We are an equal opportunity agency and we understand that everyone has different tastes and desires, but we do not provide male escorts at this time. This is due only to the fact that our network of escorts consists of women and we are not equipped to identify male escorts or screen them for quality. It is simply not a topic with which we are familiar. It may be possible for us to recommend to you an agency that handles male escorts, however. If you are interested, just ask us.

Q. Where do you post reviews of your escorts?
A. We are aware of the trend in posting reviews of anything and everything online, from restaurants to stores to teachers to medical professionals… and everything in between. However, we believe in maintaining a higher level of discretion than that. Public reviews tend to devolve into excuses for citing personal preferences. We also don’t want to encourage any breaches of privacy. For these reasons, we strongly discourage trying to post reviews of our girls. It is also for this reason that we don’t post personal reviews of our ladies on SDBabes.com.

Q. Can I book a San Diego escort if I’m not in San Diego?
A. Yes, absolutely. Some of our clients live here in San Diego and for obvious reasons this makes it easier for them to use our services on a regular basis. But plenty of people move in and through San Diego on pleasure, on business, and for commercial or tourism purposes. If you know you’re going to be in San Diego and you’d like to make sure you have suitable companionship waiting, let us know and we’ll book that escort for you to coincide with your visit.

Q. I had a lot of fun with my last escort but I felt like the date was too short. What if that happens again?
A. The next time you’re out on a date with one of our girls and you really start to feel like things are moving well — and your time is running out — you should feel free to let your escort know about this. If she has another appointment, she’ll either have to keep it or see if she can’t reschedule it, but if she’s free, she would be absolutely happy to make your booking last longer. You will, of course, have to pay for the additional time.

Q. I’m still not sure how much time I should reserve. Can you help?
A. The time of your booking should be appropriate to what you plan to do. You have to compute roughly how long it will take for your date to run its natural course. You don’t want to book and pay for more time than you’ll realistically need, obviously, but you also don’t want to short-change yourself and feel rushed to end a good thing. Book time according to what you plan on doing.

Q. How many dates does an escort go out on each week?
A. That really depends on the girl. Each of our escorts is free to take as many or as few bookings as she likes, and as many as she thinks she has time for. If she wants to work a lot, she works a lot. If she wants to see clients part time, she does that. Our ladies really seem to like the freedom that this lifestyle affords them. They are very lucky in that they can tailor their schedules to their needs. Every girl conducts herself accordingly.

Q. Is my escort just pretending to like me?
A. Not at all. We know only too well that a man can tell when a woman is just pretending to enjoy being with him. This creates a really awful feeling in a guy, if he thinks the woman on his arm would really rather be doing something else. We won’t every short-change you by creating that feeling in you, and our girls know they have to really like what they do if they hope to be successful at doing it. Your San Diego escort really does indeed enjoy your company.

Q. Why should I pay for an escort when online dating sites are free?
A. Think of hiring an escort as a way of cutting out most of the lengthy process of using an Internet dating site, with a guarantee that you’ll actually end up with a woman to spend time with when you pay your money. Internet dating sites offer no real guarantee that you’ll meet someone, but they take your money in membership fees and waste your time, too. Booking an escort, instead, gets you the company of a lovely lady with no hassle and no wasted time.

Q. Will you be sending some kind of bodyguard with my escort?<÷strong>
A. No, that’s the sort of thing you see in movies, but it’s not how our service works. Our ladies are professionals. They are entertainers who conduct themselves accordingly, not dissolute women traveling in the company of paid thugs. The only person who’ll be attending your date with your lovely young lady friend is you. You don’t have to worry about any third wheels tagging along. Oh and, if you have other questions about the escort process, feel free to ask yours when she arrives. She can help.

Q. Does my escort speak English?
A. Yes, your escort speaks English. Now, some of our young ladies come from other countries and some are recent legal immigrants to the United States. You will find some of them to be among the most lovely and exotic women you’ve ever had the pleasure of laying your eyes on… and we have it on good authority that some of them have accents that are as sexy and stimulating as their curved and taut bodies. But the point of all this is that, yes, you will be able to communicate with your escort.

Q. Which San Diego escorts are the most popular? I want to book the best.
A. We understand completely the desire to skip right to the front of the line and book the very best talent in the San Diego area. You will find it difficult, however, to select a single “best” escort from among the women we provide. That’s because we’ve already hand picked our talent from the sexiest women available. You’re already getting the absolute best when you look for a lady with us. Some of our girls are more popular than others, but they’re all really great.

Q. Is there anything my San Diego escort won’t do?
A. When it comes to the types of social activities in which your escort will engage, it’s best to let us know what you are looking for when you book with us. This gives us a chance to communicate your requests to our escorts and make sure the young lady assigned to you is comfortable with the job as described to her. For example, say you wanted to take an escort to a business meeting; you’ll want a woman who is okay with that kind of environment. Be honest with us, let us find you an appropriate escort, and then treat her with respect on the date. Don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do and we think you’ll find she’s really very cooperative about most things.

Q. Are there any special rules I need to know about?
A. No, there are no special rules you need to worry about, beyond the most common sense of guidelines. Your escort is a professional entertainer, but she’s also a human being. Treat her as you would want to be treated. Show her respect. She’ll do the same for you.

Q. Is this a scam?
A. No, this is not a scam. We are a legitimate business enterprise. There are some escort listings online, and even some escort agencies, that are less than reputable, or that turn out to be less than reputable when you try to use their services. With us, though, you get a proven record of success, from a legitimate, established business that is focused on serving its clients and building lasting engagements. You never have to worry about being scammed with SDBabes.com. You can work with us in complete, total confidence of getting your money’s worth.

Q. Are you sure my coworkers won’t find out I hired an escort?
A. No, your coworkers won’t know you hired an escort. Your boss won’t know. Your family won’t know. Nobody in your life will know that you hired one of our girls as long as you don’t go around telling people that you did. You can work with us knowing that we will never betray your trust in us. After all, if people couldn’t count on our confidentiality, we wouldn’t stay in business for very long. This is a business characterized by the need for discretion, for various social reasons. We always conduct ourselves in accordance with that principle.

Q. I don’t want anyone to see me and my escort together. Will that be a problem?
A. Clients who come to us generally want one of two things. Either they want to go out with their escort in order to be seen with a gorgeous woman, or they want to spend some time with just that beautiful woman. In the first case, they are generally looking to show off and be made to look good. In the second case, they just want to enjoy talking to a sexy lady. Either is fine with us. It’s all up to you.

Q. I want to go to a public place and show off with my escort. Is she up for that?
A. Yes, absolutely. This is really one of the biggest reasons that people hire professional escorts. Your lady will be more than happy to dress in her sexiest outfit and make you look like a king among men when you are out with her by your side. The men who see you will be jealous of you. The women who see you will feel competitive and threatened by her.

Q. Will my escort go drinking with me?
A. The short answer is that yes, your escort is happy to socialize with you. Partying is a big part of the escort game, and it’s impossible for our young ladies to avoid participating in it (nor would they want to avoid it). We are happy when they are happy, and we encourage them to have fun. There are limits to how much they will drink when they are out with a client, however, so don’t try to get her hammered. She knows her limits and her preferences and will drink accordingly.

Q. What’s the limit on the number of escorts I can go out with at the same time?
A. To be honest, there really is no limit. Or rather, let’s say that there’s at least a theoretical limit, but nobody’s managed to hit it yet. That’s because we will gladly hire out to you as many of our escorts as are free and that you can afford to book. This includes booking many of our ladies at the same time for a party or social gathering (or just to live out your fantasies of having lots of sexy women around).

Q. Am I allowed to take my San Diego escort out of the city on an away trip?
A. You are certainly allowed to book extended trips and extended durations of bookings with your escort, based on the rates, when your lady friend is available, and when she must be back in San Diego to meet her other scheduling obligations. But you are also limited by the young lady’s preference. If she doesn’t want to travel with you, she will refuse. Many of our girls are more than happy to go on such trips, however, so please just ask us.

Q. I just want some company and somebody to talk to. Is that something my escort can do for me?
A. That is all our escorts do in fact, Yes, they go out on social outings with their dates, and engage in many of the same dating activities you might engage in with a non-professional lady, but fundamentally, their job is keeping you company and talking to you. Everyone likes to have someone to talk to. When you chat with our ladies, you don’t just get company; you get the benefit of having a beautiful woman up close and personal.

Q. I do a lot of traveling. Are there are other branches of your agency in other cities?
A. SDBabes.com is specifically an outcall agency in the San Diego area. However, if you like our service, and you’d like to book an escort with an agency that has similar high standards of professional conduct and value added in administration, then it may be possible for us to recommend an agency. This will depend entirely on whether we know of one in the area where you’ll be traveling. Don’t be afraid to ask us about it. We would like to help.

Q. I need a beautiful woman to act as my date but I need her to not talk while we’re out. Will that offend my San Diego escort?
A. No, absolutely not. Your escort will never take offense. She is being paid to be exactly who you need her to be, exactly when you need her, exactly how you need her. There’s no room in all that for her personal feelings. She’s not going to take offense at anything you ask of her as long as you ask it respectfully. Communicate your needs and she’ll gladly do as you wish.

Q. What special training do your escorts receive?
A. Training our escorts is something we feel very strongly about, because we stake our reputation on the idea that our girls are better than the ones offered by competing agencies. We train them accordingly. We make sure they know how to relax you, that they know how to treat you respectfully, and that they can maintain your privacy. A girl who can’t adhere to our standards will not be working with us for long. We will cull such unsuitable women from our ranks without hesitation. Our girls are well trained indeed.

Q. What forms of payment can I use? Can I pay in cash?
A. Yes, absolutely, you can pay in cash. It may be possible for us to take payment through other means, but that changes from time to time. The best thing to do is to talk to us when you make your booking so that we can determine what and how you will be paying for your date. This helps us eliminate any problems before they occur and also sets the expectations for all involved. Managing expectations for payment goes a long way toward keeping all involved happy.

Q. How much notice do I have to give you before I can get together with one of your escorts?
A. This will depend on a few factors. We understand that sometimes the desire for female companionship comes on you when you least expect it, so booking an escort is a last-minute thing. If your first choice is available, but not available right away because she is not nearby or already booked, you may have to wait longer than if you are willing to accept a lady that we recommend. Just contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Q. Is my escort using a fake name? Can I use one?
A. For safety reasons, our escorts often take on “stage names.” This is not an attempt to trick you in any way, but it does screen our young ladies from unwanted attention. As a safety precaution, therefore, we do encourage them to protect their personal lives and not give away too much about who they are. They are entertainers who have lives apart from their work, after all. You are also free to use a pseudonym if you prefer to do so. We understand your need for privacy.

Q. I don’t like to answer questions about myself. Will my San Diego escort think I’m rude?
A. No, not at all. Our commitment to privacy means that we never pry into your life. After all, what is easier: To know all about someone and then not say anything to anyone else, or never to know the information in the first place? Our escorts are also very good at “forgetting” things that you tell them if you do open up to them. They know that they must be discreet in order to keep you happy. You can always trust us.

Q. I’d like my date to wear a special outfit that I really like. Is this okay?
A. It’s more than okay. One of the fun parts about being a San Diego escort is the opportunity to try out different roles and looks. Our escorts absolutely love to dress up, and when they know there is something specific you like, they are happy to give it a whirl. For example, if you specify your date wear a tight minidress, she will show up wearing just that. What is your specific desire? Let us know and we’ll work on fulfilling it.