Dimmy is an old fashioned girl; she spent her life being a good girl. Dimmy always go straight A’s in school, she volunteered at the nursing home where her grandmother lived, and she babysat for all the neighborhood kids. Now she is ready to have some fun. This good girl turned bad is looking or to teach her a thing or two. This beauty enjoys bars and wild parties; she’s been experimenting with her adventurous side. Dimmy is really open-minded and passionate too! You will love being able to show her an adventurous time.

Dimmy is looking to connect with someone on a deeper level. Her old fashioned charms will win you over. She believes that chivalry isn’t dead and she loves a man that shows her his macho side. Dimmy is just as happy to take things slow and sensual or burst into flames in a torrid love affair. She is seeking the company of a man that really knows how to treat a lady. However it may take a real smooth operator to win her over completely because she’s been mistreated before. Dimmy is optimistic; she believes that the future holds great things for her despite what she went through in the past.

This beautiful lady will treat you like a man deserve to be treated and won’t expect anything in return. No man leaves Dimmy unsatisfied, this adventurous little kitten provides her own unique moves and whether it’s a playful kiss on the neck or a lengthy make out session Dimmy puts her all into making you happy. Show Dimmy isn’t dead with flowers, candy, and poems; it will melt a soft spot in her like no other. You’ll have a great time with her and you just might make a lifelong friend if you treat her special.

Dimmy has an affinity for anything bold and daring and she is working her way up to either going skydiving or bungee jumping.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“When people learn that I used to be a ‘good girl,’ they always ask me about it,” Dimmy says, laughing. “When you grow up doing everything by the book, the right way, and you make that sort of part of your personality, it’s only natural when you deviate from that to get questions about it. I was always that fresh-faced, innocent girl, you know? The girl next door type. But secretly, as much as every man enjoys the fantasy of the innocent girl, the good girl next door, he also really enjoys discovering that his good girl is really capable of being naughty. I don’t think there is anything I get a charge of more than to show someone how exciting and naughty I can be. I like to indulge that side of my personality. I mean, I don’t want anyone to think something about me that isn’t true, but I enjoy that little bit of surprise when you just kind of show someone who you are when they had the opposite impression. It always makes getting to know someone that more much more interesting. And, really, men like to be surprised. I think that’s part of keeping someone’s interest, whether it’s in a relationship or just in casual dating or whatever. You have to be able to stay interesting. So many long-term relationships don’t work out because the people in them get complacent. You’ve got to be able to keep your man engaged, keep him interested. He’s got to wonder what new thing you might come up with next. Well, that’s how I approach my dates as a San Diego escort. I always try to make sure that my dates are interested and that things stay exciting and interesting. There are lots of reasons a date might not go perfectly, but there is never any excuse for it to be boring. So when I get out there, when my date and I are on the town having fun, I make sure that he has the best time ever and that he builds memories that he’s going to have for a lifetime. Every date that I go on is just as important as the next one, to me. Whether it’s the first one of the month or the last one of the month, I give the same amount of effort. That’s really what it means to be a professional entertainer.”