As the saying goes age is nothing but a number. Britney still lives life like an 18 year old. Yes she is maturing but she still knows how to have fun! Her maturity makes her desirable to older company. She doesn’t lie about her age because she is still as sexy as the young girls.

Britney is a perfect 10, from head to toe she is always put together. Any man would be happy to have her on their arm. She tried having a long term relationship but decided it was just too much fun to be single and decided to get back out on the market. Britney loves interesting and attractive people; she’s got to make up for lost time. She’s got no time for settling down and wants to meet as many people as she can.

She is incredible and spontaneous; she won’t let a relationship, job, or money tie her down. In search of the deepest forms of pleasures she enjoys connecting on a spiritual and physical level. She will use all of her senses to explore your body from soft touches that build up to sensual pleasure to sweet whispers that melt you into an inferno Britney will set you on fire.

Britney has experience in and out of the bedroom and knows exactly how to treat a man or woman. You will be so lucky to be on the receiving end of her undeniable need to give affection Britney proves you are never too old to learn new things and she is very open-minded.

Brittney is a wine collector. She has some rare wines in her collection that were really hard to obtain. She loves going to wine tastings and spending time in the wine country.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“I don’t want to give you the wrong expression,” Britney says. “I think after the movie “Sideways’ came out, there were countless people who suddenly decided they were all into wine. And it’s not like I’m some kind of lush, or something. But I think I like a good wine for the same reason I like good food, and by good, I mean sophisticated. I don’t just want to put just anything in my body. I want to be able to sample some of the great things in life. We all get just so much time on the Earth, and why would you shovel things into your body that are just okay? You should take the time to really experience life, and all the wonder it has to offer. That includes the wonderful tastes and foods and alcohol that the world offers. It’s an incredible time to be alive. Everything is wonderful out there. I mean, yes, you always hear bad news, but everybody who has ever been alive thought the world was falling apart. The fact is, things out there have never been more interesting and more wonderful. The technology we have, the entertainment, the freedom… There is just so much to sample and to revel in. That’s why I believe so strongly in being spontaneous. You never know when the opportunity to experience something new might come up. Some people have bucket lists. I don’t want to narrow down my options to just a list. Whenever the chance to try something new and exciting comes up, I’m all about that. You have to be willing to jump at these chances when they come up, sometimes without warning. And that means being spontaneous.”
Brittney explains that the party lifestyle of an escort is not something that just anyone can do over the long term, but she is well suited to it. “Not every girl can hold up to partying all day and all night, all week,” she says, laughing. “But I think I’ve proven that I’ve got the staying power. I have enough experience to keep things interesting, and I think that’s what every guy wants. He wants the whole package. He wants the experience. He wants to know that he’s with a girl who knows her way around, and who’s going to treat him right. I just really like giving a guy the best time he’s ever had.”