Babe Profile: Barb

Barb, one of our newest escorts at SD Babes, has quickly become one of our most popular. She likes to cook, enjoys some exotic dancing activities, and is generally a very fun-loving and friendly person.

“Men like a woman who knows her way around the kitchen,” she explains. “I think on some level they all picture playing house with a lady, at least a little bit. Knowing that she can pull her end of things always makes them feel better. Even if they don’t have any long term plans with that girl, they like to know that she can cook. I remember my own mother, she couldn’t clean very well. She also wasn’t a very good cook. And I didn’t realize either of those things until later in life. I don’t know if that was why my parents got divorced or not, but it probably didn’t help any. I think every woman can manage to clean pretty well if she puts her mind to it. But cooking, well, that’s something else again. Roles for women are changing all the time, and a lot of women figure they don’t need to be able to cook to snare a man. That’s true. Most women have gotten out of the mindset that they need to find themselves a man to be fulfilled, for that matter, and that’s okay too. But me, I’m kind of traditional. I like to know that I have traditional skills, that I have all those things covered. I have no plans to settle down any time soon, but a girl’s got to have some pride. You can’t call yourself a woman and not be able to cook at least a little bit. I cook, and I garden. Mostly, I try not to kill the cactus that somebody gave me for a gift. You would think that a cactus was relatively easy to keep alive. After all, these are plants that endure high heat and terrible cold and almost no water. It should be hard to kill a cactus, right? Well, I’m doing my best with this one, but I seriously doubt whether I should be given custody of any more plants. I’ve never had a particularly green thumb. I do all right, but I wouldn’t call my luck above average.”

Barb also enjoys belly dancing, and loves to explore her sexuality and her femininity while she does so. “I absolutely love how belly dancing makes me feel,” she explains. “I enjoy it because it’s something I can do for me. I like watching, too, because I enjoy seeing how happy everyone is, and I like knowing that I can do that, too. I get ideas for my own performances when I watch other belly dancers doing their thing. And of course I like the sexy costumes, and I like getting in touch with my feminine side. A really good belly dancer is incredibly erotic. Probably you’re not aware of that because you’re used to belly dancers who maybe aren’t all that good at what they are doing. But trust me, when you find a girl who really knows how to work it, she can make you believe she’s the best belly dancer in the world, that you’ll never need another one as long as you’ve got her in front of you. A good belly dancer is more erotic than a stripper and more personal than any exotic dancer you’re likely to see. You have to see one to really get the sense for how incredible a performance it can be. Like I said, you need to see a good one, not just any belly dancer. I think I’m just an amateur, although I’m happy to demonstrate my skills if someone asks nicely enough. It’s not like I mind attention. I’ve always enjoyed attention from men. It’s one of the reasons I am such a good escort. When you’re working for a company like this one, you’re always the center of attention. That’s something you’ve got to be very comfortable with. It takes courage and it takes presence of mind. You’ve got to carry yourself a certain way to be, you know, worthy of it. You’ve got to make sure you don’t do anything to hurt the company’s image. But most importantly, you’ve got to care for your client. Working for this agency is like being the ultimate client service representative. There’s no room for making silly mistakes. You’ve got to be willing to go all the way and stand behind your work. Your reputation is on the line right along with that of the company. And the client, he just knows that he wants to have a nice time. He wants you to take the stress and pressure out of everything for him. That’s the real benefit of hiring an escort, you know. We take charge of the date. We take responsibility for it. You don’t have to worry about it going well, and you don’t have to worry about impressing anyone. We’re here to do the impressing. We’re here to see to it that you, in fact, make the best impression possible. Until every person at your business convention, meeting, social event, or in that club or restaurant is drooling over the eye candy who walked in on your arm, we aren’t satisfied.”

Barb explains that her ability to find fun even when things go wrong is one of the things that makes her an excellent escort.  “I know that as the escort, it’s my job to make sure my man has a great time,” she says.  “That means that if anything unexpected comes up, I have to make sure he’s not stressed out or unhappy. You would be amazed at how much you can affect someone else’s mood by simply having a positive outlook yourself. You just have to make sure that you don’t give in to the temptation to be negative or to declare defeat.  Nothing is bad, it’s just an opportunity to do something new and unusual.”