Babe Profile: Annie

Annie is a beautiful bisexual woman who loves to date both men and women and is happy to be the third wheel in a threesome dating arrangement. She recently joined the staff here and has been excited to get to meet new people in engaging our client base.  She explains that being bisexual gives her the best of both possible worlds when it comes to enjoying both men and women.  “A man can give you strength and hardness. He can give you masculine comfort. He’s a warrior and he of course can complete you in ways that a woman can’t. He’s the masculine yang force from Chinese mysticism. A man can fold you in his arms and make you feel like he owns you, like he protects you, like you are completely his. I love to feel overwhelmed and possessed like that. When my lovers and I play, I love to have him pull my hair and press down on the small of my back with one hand, basically holding me in place. There’s nothing like a man for that. These sensations are the reason I could never give up on men. But women offer their own unique benefits. Women are the feminine yin force of Chinese mysticism. They are soft and supple. They are curved and comforting. They are sensuous and warm. When a woman touches me, I feel her familiarity. I feel her delicate, almost fragile skin on mine. I feel the melding of our softness. Now, I ask you, as incredible as both of those are individually, now picture putting them together at the same time. It is utterly, completely mind-blowing. It is a sexual experience unlike anything you can have individually. This is why I am bisexual. This is why I am not ashamed to say, up front, to anyone who wants to become my long-term lover in a relationship, that this is what he or she is going to have to deal with. And I like to think, as high maintenance as all of this sounds, that I’m absolutely worth it. I think being with me and my man and my woman, that’s a fantasy that almost anyone can relate to. Maybe someday I’ll get ‘adopted’ by some nice good-looking couple, and they’ll take care of me and share me. That would be ideal. But I’m pretty happy with the arrangements I have now, you know? And it gives me plenty of excuses to wear lingerie. I love frilly, lacey lingerie, with all kinds of ties and hooks and that sort of thing. I want lingerie that I can really enjoy putting on. I want it to be kind of a ritual, of sorts, a sexy ritual where I clad myself in something sexy and get ready for what’s to come. The more elaborate my ritual, the more he has to kind of take his time when he gets to me, really work at it to get me at least partially out of the lingerie. And let’s face it, boys, if I go to all the trouble of putting on lingerie, I want you to take your time, but I want you to leave at least part of it on. I never feel sexier than when I’m being romantic with someone wearing just part of a lingerie ensemble. I think most guys feel the same way about that sort of thing, but you never know. Every once in a while you run into a guy who thinks your naked body is perfection itself, and he can’t strip you bare fast enough. I have to admit, it’s hard not to appreciate that attitude, if that’s what he’s thinking. No woman minds it if a man really adores how she looks when she’s nude. We all want to be appreciated for who we are, and if we know you like us completely naked, then we know it’s our body you like, and not just whatever costume we’ve put on. I’ve never gotten too hung up about that because I know I have a nice body, but I can understand if a girl feels that way. We can’t all be as confident as I’ve learned to be. It goes with the territory of my escort job.  Another thing I like to do, to keep my gorgeous body in shape, is go jogging. I’m not really into the runner’s high. I do like being able to interact with other people while I’m jogging. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though, and that is that I just don’t get into it as an activity by itself. I don’t care about any of those benefits you’re supposed to get from it except the exercise. I’m not happy when I’m out jogging. It’s work. Every minute I’m out there jogging, I’m wishing it was time for it to be over, and I’m also wishing that I was back home in my own nice warm bed, sleeping away the morning. It takes a supreme effort of will for me to get up early, put on my tight little runner’s outfit, and get out there on the street and jog. I will never see it as anything but work. But I do that work because I like the results it achieves for my body. I want to look nice. I want to be fit and trim and sexy. I want to be worthy of the clients who book my time. So I jog, and I jog, and I jog until I can’t stand it anymore, and when I’m done and it’s all over, I’m grateful to be done. But don’t tell me about how fun jogging is, because I will never believe you. I just never will. That’s not how I’m wired and, frankly, I am suspicious of anybody who tells me how much fun jogging is. That’s just not natural. But you know of course I’m joking to some degree. I wouldn’t do it if I absolutely hated it. But it’s work. I do it for the body it gives me.”