The beautiful and lovely Alisha is the ideal companion she lives her life to the fullest and just loves having a good time. Her soft lips, ultra smooth skin, and warm touch will drive you wild. If you’re just visiting and need someone to show you around Alisha is the perfect companion. She’s from here and knows where to find all the fun. Even if you’ve lived here for a while Alisha can show you another side of this town that you’ve never seen before; she knows where all the cities hidden treasures are located. Whatever you’re up for you can guarantee that Alisha will be ready for it! She is your go to girl and she really loves an adventure.

Alisha loves to dance for you. Her moves on the dance floor will keep you mesmerized. As a former gymnast she enjoys showing off her flexibility and her energy just can’t be matched. Alisha is just a happy hitting the club with you as she is staying back at your hotel room. Alisha is a fun loving young lady and it shows in the way she treats everyone. She will show you a good time no matter what you have in mind.

Her agility and passions follower her to the bedroom where she loves to play and loves to play and bring a female playmate along for the both of you to enjoy! Alisha enjoys the female form as much as she loves the male form. Sexy Alisha will make a man feel like a king and a woman like a queen. She is the most passionate yet sophisticated escort we have. Once she gets you alone you’re in for a naughty experience you won’t forget. She is ready willing and able to show you a good time.

Alisha loves spending time with her little dog “Bunny.” Alisha got Bunny as a birthday present and she takes care of her like a little baby. Her hobbies include reading, dancing, and exercising.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Alisha explains that her love of animals is something that runs pretty deep with her. “It’s not just my dog,” she says, “although I love my little dog, and I’ll love every dog I own from now until the day I die. Animals are just… different from people. They’re the only living creatures on this Earth who are truly innocent. Think about that for a minute. People can and will always let you down. For every person you can put your trust in during this life, there’s going to be another twenty that you can’t. But an animal, what you see with a dog, or a cat, or any animal, is always what you get. An animal can never deceive you. It will always be honest with you about its desires, about what it wants, and most importantly, about what it needs. I think people would be a lot better off if they could just be honest with each other about what they need. So whenever I contemplate what I should do in life, I always ask myself how I would handle it if I had the innocence of an animal. Not the intelligence; people are smart and that’s a fact. There’s no reason not to be proud of that. But I think we should all try to look through the eyes of the animals. Their truthfulness, their innocence, is something from which we can all take a lesson.”
Alisha doesn’t want anyone reading this to think she’s all starry eyed wonder, however. “I’m a down to Earth girl,” she says, laughing. “It’s not like I’m just wandering along with my head in the clouds. That’s one of the reasons I’m always working on my flexibility and my agility. I like to be as strong and capable as I can be, but still feminine and sexy. I think a man really appreciates a healthy, flexible woman. If I take joy in my body, then the men I’m with can take happiness in my body as well. That is a wonderful feeling, knowing that just being with you gives someone pleasure and happiness. It’s a wonderful feeling of power to know that you have that kind of influence over another human being’s moods and the way their day is going. Just a kind word from a pretty girl can make a world of difference. I love that I can do that.”