Born and raised in the heartland of America, Kansas to be exact, Alexa moved to the big city just a few short years ago. This small town raised girl is not a boring date though, she left the farm behind to experience the big city for all its worth. She has transformed herself into a cultured young lady. She is ready to show you the time of your life. She is just dying to have some fun after all those years on the farm. She’ll just love meeting new people rather it’s an intimate crowd or a large one. Her small town charm will warm everyone’s hearts. You will have a memorable evening with Alexa.

Alexa has a dynamite body and curves in all the right places; you’ll be the envy of every man in the room when they see her. Let your eyes wander up and down her athletic frame but it will be hard to take your eyes off her hypnotic gaze. Alexa stays fit with countless hours at the gym and in spinning class. She likes to remain active even when the lights go down at night. If you want to be locked away somewhere enjoying deep conversations, dancing in a nightclub or out of town Alexa is the perfect companion.

She enjoys making her partner happy. In fact she won’t be happy until she knows you are happy. She’s still learning the ropes and won’t mind if you take the reins she’ll sit back and enjoy the ride. If you are new too, don’t worries together you guys can figure things out, she knows the rules. Either way you’ll have an unforgettable experience with this little firecracker. Alexa will make sure you have the time of your life no matter what you decide to do.

Her favorite thing to do is to go dancing. She is an excellent dancer and is very good at a few traditional styles of dance including salsa.

Age 31
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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“A lot of guys have certain misconceptions about dating a girl from the midwest,” Alexa explains. “I think they are looking for an innocent young girl, the kind of girl next door, fresh and beautiful. And I can certainly be that. But you can’t spend any time in this business and stay completely innocent. I may look like the girl next door, but at heart, I’m a totally wild child, and I’m looking to have the kind of time that other girls can only dream about. That’s one of the reasons I love being a San Diego escort. It gives me the opportunity to party as wild as I want to, and to spend both my days and my nights having fun. But there’s nothing I like better than the expression on a man’s face when he thinks he’s getting sweet, innocent young me… and then I show him just how wild I can be. When I throw my arms around my man, when I wrap my fingers in his hair, when I breathe hotly in his ear about all the wonderful things I think we might do together, that’s when he knows that he’s not dealing with an innocent little girl. He’s got himself a hot, wild woman who wants to please him and show him a good time.”
Alexa’s love of dancing is one of the things she believes not only helps define her, but gives her a means of self-expression. “Dancing is so primal,” she tells us. “It’s the only time that, for me, I can be truly in the moment. They say that most of the time, you’re not really in the moment, not really thinking about the here and now. You’re worrying about the future or your dwelling on the past. I think it’s a terrible shame that most of us don’t take the time to center ourselves and make ourselves truly see life. Stop and be in the moment, you know? When I hit that dancefloor, when the music moves through my body, I just let myself go. It’s wonderful. It’s both a release and an expression of my innermost self. And it doesn’t hurt that I look so damned sexy doing it. I guess that’s just one of the side benefits of being a San Diego escort. Every day you’re always your most beautiful you. That’s a wonderful approach to life.”