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At SDBabes, we offer the finest san diego escort service in the area, and we are known as the best for a reason. While we are aware that there are multiple services you could use, and all of those services have their good and bad points (or they would not still be in business, if they did not have redeeming qualities), the mark of a truly professional service, and the reason that long-term client relationships are built, is trust. Trust does not come easily in a business relationship. Plenty of people who might otherwise believe they have made a good choice, when it comes to commerce, nonetheless find themselves staring down the barrel of a business relationship that will do them more harm than good. This is because human beings frequently aren’t trustworthy. They say things that they don’t mean. They make promises that they don’t keep. Well, you do not have to worry that we at SDBabes will EVER betray your trust. Our commitment to earning your trust is built on a foundation that starts with complete confidentiality and continues with a dedication to your satisfaction.

We think you’ll find that at SDBabes, our ladies are second to none when it comes to their appearance. Yes, they are very beautiful. There are so many beautiful women to choose from that you may be wondering just how to choose who you should book with when you want discreet, professional, confidential female companionship. Well, we have some pretty antiquated ideas of client service here at SDBabes. We actually believe, unlike so many companies, that you, the client, are always right. We want you to know, when you come to us, that while there may be factors beyond our control, when you book time with one of our escorts, we will make sure you are satisfied and will do everything in our power to send you home with a smile on your face. We want to build repeat business with you. We want to build that long-term client relationship that is so vital in today’s business world. When you step out with one of our girls, we want you to know that you are the king of the world, and the adoring members of your court surround you. We will make your escort experience everything you want it to be. We will do our best to listen to your concerns, fulfill any specific requests or fantasies you may have, and keep you returning with the knowledge that you will be able to trust us to handle all of your requirements.

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There are plenty of reasons you might choose to book with SDBabes. We specialize in putting you in touch with some of the most beautiful ladies you are likely ever to meet. We allow you to get on with the best parts of dating without any of the difficulties that lead up to that. In other words, dating is very messy. Traditional dating involves a tremendous investment of time and effort, time that you can’t get back. The effort expended in trying to meet women, select one that is suitable, entice her to give you the time of day, take her out and try to impress her, impress her sufficiently to get her to go out on subsequent dates, and he keep her happy throughout that process so that something can eventually develop between the two of you is intensely exhausting, labor intensive, and not cost-effective. When you consider the time alone, a busy person could do almost anything that would benefit them more than participating in the traditional dating model, and that includes online dating, singles mingles, speed dating, meeting people in bars, and everything and anything in between, from among all the different activities in which people engage in order to meet members of the opposite sex and wind up in relationships with them. But better still, SDBabes offers you the experience of spending time with a beautiful woman, not only without all the effort and run-up to traditional dating and a relationship, but without the relationship itself. Think about the strings that are attached to the average relationship. Think about the grief that you are obliged to put up with, the drama, and the baggage. You don’t want any of that and, if you are a busy man, you know just what a time-killer those types of things can be. The thought of dealing with any of it probably drives you crazy… and that is the perfect reason to book with SDBabes, where we take all of that out of the equation and give you the chance to meet beautiful woman who are happy to get to know you. Whatever develops between you and your SDBabes lady is entirely up to you and none of our business. Our job is simply to put the two of you in contact with each other so that you can have fun, go out, enjoy yourselves, and get to know one another, without the stress and pressure that always seems to accompany the more traditional model of meeting and dating members of the opposite sex.

The best part about your SDBabes experience, though, is that it can be tailored to what you want and need specifically. Do you live in the area, and are you thinking you’d like to date some of the area’s most gorgeous ladies, but you simply don’t have the time or the energy for the more traditional dating scene? If that’s the case, SDBabes is for you, and we can hook you up with a gorgeous woman who meets your needs and whose personality is most compatible with what you like. Are you a tourist or a businessman who is in from out of town, and who would like to book some time with a lovely lady in a way that matches up with your schedule and won’t make you late for any of several things you’d like to do while you’re in the area? Well, say no more, because we can help you with that, and we would be delighted to do so. Maybe you have a big family reunion going on, and you dread the idea of showing up without a date, because you relatives have been hassling you about finding a nice lady to spend some time with. Concerned about heading off some family rumors, or just don’t want to deal with your Aunt Ethel’s constant questions and criticisms? Well, shut them all up by showing up to your family event with one of the sexiest and most beautiful women any of them have ever seen, and then enjoy your time out while seeing just how many of your uncles, cousins, and other male relatives steal looks at her when they think nobody is watching. Do you have a business meeting or a business convention going on in town, with or without some social functions that go with it? Well, if you’d like your coworkers to think of you as the kind of stud who has a lady in every port, or just a player who can pull some of the most gorgeous ladies around, show up to your meeting with one of our lovely ladies on your arm, and watch your coworkers’ jaws drop as they get a load of the eye candy you’ve chosen to bring with you. Got a class reunion coming up in the area and you want everyone you went to school with to know you’re the kind of guy who can command a sexy lady’s attention? Well, that’s okay too, and when you show up to that reunion with one of our girls, let’s just say they’ll be telling stories about you until the next ten years go past and you show up for another one. No matter what the event you want to have company for, we can provide you with just the right young lady.

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Still not convinced? Then let us explain to you one of the primary benefits of stepping out on the town with one of our lovely San Diego escorts. It all has to do with increasing others’ perceptions of you. You’ve heard the phrase, “seeing is believing,” and you’ve probably also heard the phrase, “perception is reality.” Well, what do you want to be perceived as? Do you want to be seen as a major player, someone who travels in tasteful circles, someone who commands the attention of incredibly beautiful women? Well, you need look no farther than our gorgeous stable of San Diego escorts. You see, every single man is always on stage. You may not think so, but no matter where you go, no matter what you do, if you encounter women when you are out and about, you are putting on a performance. The women who see you are judging you. They are evaluating you. They are asking themselves, “How valuable is this man, and would I sleep with him if he asked?” They may not be asking the question consciously, but they are always asking it, on some level, inside their own heads. This is why some women respond to you more positively than do others. The ones who seem friendly, even flirty, have made the decision, consciously or subconsciously, that they would sleep with you if they had the opportunity. They have judged you to be a man of high value. There are plenty of things a man can do to increase his value to women, such as very obviously dressing well, working out to improve his body, or displaying a very obvious skill. (This is why women are attracted to men who are very good at what they do, be it their jobs or some hobby or perhaps a sport.) A man who makes a great deal of money can also count on being positively evaluated by women, for obvious reasons. So how can a man increase his value in the eyes of another woman without changing a single thing about himself? How can he give himself an edge? The answer is that he hires a San Diego escort. There’s a very simple reason for this.

You see, every woman, to some degree, compares herself to the other women she sees and meets. This may sound unkind, but it’s not meant to be. Men compare themselves to others too; it’s just that it is women who are our focus here, because it is women, and specifically very beautiful and sexy women, that our clients are seeking. Every woman wants to know that she is sexy enough, that she is beautiful enough, that she is desirable enough. So she looks at the other women she sees on the street and she thinks about whether she measures up to those other women. The deepest fear somewhere in her heart, whether she acknowledges it or not, is that she might not be as attractive as some other woman, or that a man might choose that other woman over her. And so when she sees a very beautiful woman especially, she starts asking herself what that beautiful woman has going for her, and how she measures up to her. At SDBabes.com, all of our women are very beautiful. Every girl on our staff is a professional who knows how to put her best foot forward no matter what the situation. She’s not just good looking; she’s drop dead gorgeous, possible one of the sexiest women you’re ever going to meet in real life (and if not, then we are very impressed, sir). So when you have such a beautiful woman on your arm, when you travel in the company of a San Diego escort from our company, you will absolutely turn the heads and blow the minds of the women who see you. They will immediately be jealous, not because they have any right to be, but because they will realize you are with an attractive, beautiful woman who puts them to shame. They will immediately sense on some inner level that you have picked one of our gorgeous San Diego escorts and not them, and this will drive them to an inner jealousy that forces them to ask, “What does she have that I don’t?” Better still, she will wonder what YOU have going on for you. She will assume that you have some quality that has attracted such an incredible lady to be out with you. This will prompt her to believe that there is something special about you. She will raise her estimation of you accordingly. In other words, she will think to herself, “This man is special. If he’s with someone that sexy, he must have qualities that would make me want to be with him too. And if I could attract this man, that would mean I’m as beautiful and sexy as the woman who is on his arm now.” This is all part of raising perception of yourself in the eyes of the woman that see you. The more beautiful women you are seen with, the higher other women will raise your value in their own eyes. Thus, by taking our San Diego escorts out with you, you’ll be doing yourself a tremendous favor. You will, in effect, be investing in your future, because you will be training other women to see you as the sort of discerning, influential, and desirable man you know yourself to be. Everyone has value, and every one of our clients can have this kind of influence with women. We just help you find that, and cut through all the red tape and delays to get there you as quickly as possible. That is the service we provide, after all: We connect men with beautiful, desirable women, eliminating the lengthy social dance that men and women put themselves through when they date more conventionally.

Conventional, traditional dating, after all, is an incredible time-waster. Just think of how inefficient it is! How many weeks do you spend just getting a woman’s attention? How many nights will you go to the same bar, or many bars, or to those awful single’s mingle arrangements, and how much time will you invest in doing that? You’ll meet countless people who you’ll never connect with, and you’ll end up going home alone and annoyed, disappointed with the entire process. Worse, you’ll have wasted the night, and how many more nights will you burn through? We all only get so much free time, and you can’t afford to throw yours away. Even if you do think you’re establishing a connection with a young lady, there is a good chance she’ll turn out to have too much baggage, too many problems, or she’ll be the type who wants to treat you poorly or manipulate you. How many of your guy friends are always jumping through hoops in order to please the women in their lives… only to fail and forever be jumping through those same hoops? There’s no guarantee that a woman in whom you invest all kinds of time and effort will ever work out as someone you could enjoy as your regular lady friend, whatever you want to call that traditional, conventional relationship. So why bother? Book a San Diego escort and you can skip all of that time-wasting nonsense. You can just burn right through all of it, skip it completely, and get to the good part, where you get to spend some time with a beautiful, sexy lady whose job it is to make sure you have a good time. That’s very important, because when you spend time with one of our girls, she’s going to make sure you don’t waste any of your precious free time, you don’t do a single thing you don’t want to do, and you are treated with respect. Very few men today get the respect they deserve. Our professional entertainers will treat you like a king, and it will be an experience you never forget. Whatever develops between you and one of our San Diego escorts, you can rest assured that your money is well and efficiently spent.

Every one of our San Diego escorts has been trained to show her date a good time, to take him out on the town if that’s what he wants, and to show him the wildest night he’s ready to have. That means that if you want to take things slow and enjoy a more slow-paced evening, you can. But if you want to tear up the clubs and enjoy the night life of this fabulous, dynamic city, you can do that, too. Don’t waste any more time! Book your beautiful and sexy San Diego escort right now. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start making arrangements to accommodate you. The night of your life starts when you step out on the town with one of our gorgeous girls. SDBabes.com is here to help you!

Traditional, Conventional Dating Wastes Money, Time, and Effort

Let’s look, in more detail, at the many ways that the traditional, conventional model of dating fails you compared to booking luscious San Diego escorts. Why are more and more men turning to booking escorts instead of finding “amateur,” non-professional women to date in their “real lives?” Even the terminology used tells you what their wives and girlfriends think about the trend: non-escort women do not like to consider that they are losing ground to professional entertainers when it comes to their men answering their romantic needs… but that is what is happening. And the reason San Diego escorts are gaining ground against the traditional, conventional method of dating is that traditional dating is rooted in a system that puts men at a disadvantage. It mistreats them. It abuses them. It basically expects them to accept all of the negatives of the dating process while women have the benefit of all of the positives. For years, men have been taught that this is perfectly normal and that they should accept it and even learn to like it. But more and more, men are saying that they’ve had enough of this old-fashioned way of doing things. And they are turning to San Diego escorts as a result. So let’s run down some of the ways that the traditional dating process fails men, from beginning to the presumable end of the process.

Why does a man date at all? He dates because he is looking for a woman, or many women, in order to find sometime or constant female companionship, either on a short-term basis or for the long term. He is told all of his life that dating is the way to accomplish this… but more and more men are coming around to the idea of booking San Diego escorts as a means of fulfilling the desire that all men have for the companionship of young, attractive women. The dating process, the way we’re taught it should work traditionally, starts with a man going out to the sorts of places where he is likely to meet someone. That means clubs, bars, singles mixers, and that type of thing. He goes there hoping that if he just spends enough time hanging around, sitting, waiting, and doing very little else, he might just have a chance of stumbling into a conversation with a woman who might just show enough interest that the two of them go on to have more conversations and then eventually, somehow, spend some real time together in a one on one setting. When you say it that way, the whole process of going out to meet someone of the opposite sex sounds kind of ridiculous, doesn’t it? And yet that is what we do when we engage in traditional dating.

Those are the odds we are facing when we go out and think that, by some kind of magic, we’re just going to luck into meeting a woman with whom we might eventually be able to establish a romantic connection, followed by a short term relationship, followed by a long term relationship. How crazy is that? Does any of that make sense? Most likely not. Realistically, there’s very little chance of that working. But we pin our hopes on that instead of booking beautiful San Diego escorts. San Diego escorts are the better option no matter how you look at the problem, but many don’t turn to this option because of years of societal programming that makes them think it isn’t an option. If the idea of spending hours at a time trying to reach this nearly impossible goal sounds appealing to you, then by all means, try the traditional dating game. What have you got to lose? Well, you have tons of time and tons of money to lose, and when you forget that, you lose track of valuable resources you can never get back.

So here you are in your bar or club instead of contacting us to book a beautiful San Diego escort. The music is probably too loud, and in most cases probably not something you want to be listening to. The atmosphere might be nice, or it might be annoying, but even the best bars and clubs get boring after you’ve spent enough hours waiting in them. But of course, all that waiting around isn’t free, is it? Depending on the types of clubs or bars you go to, there are cover charges to deal with. If you’re going to nightclubs often, those cover charges can really add up. That’s just the beginning of the money you’re going to spending.

You’ll eventually start actually seeing women amongst the crowds in these clubs. There will be a lot of people hanging around, and that means lots of noise. It will be difficult to get the attention of specific women. You’ll pick them based on their attractiveness, or even sometimes just based on random jokes or other qualities. But to get the attention of a woman in this type of setting is not easy. There is the noise, the darkness, and the less than intimate setting to contend with, yes, but there’s also the fact that when you interact with women who are out for a night on the town, you are not just interacting with them. You are also interacting with their obnoxious friends. Women tend to travel in packs and when they are in groups, their confidence is artificially high. They will see any interaction with a man, especially a man hoping to chat up one of them, as an opportunity to engage in a little sport. And they will then take great pleasure in shooting down that man’s advances and rejecting him because it makes the other girls laugh. Even if the woman you are approaching is reasonably receptive to having you talk to her, her hag friends will do everything in their power to cock-block you in order to save her from the terrible option of actually having a good time with you. That’s just how women in clubs and bars tend to behave when they are in groups. Now, yes, you could wait until you see a woman alone, but then you have another problem, and that is that the moment you see a woman who is by herself and presumably single, so does every other guy there.

You see, the average bar or nightclub tends to be something of a “sausage fest.” That’s because men looking to pick up women know that women who want men can simply say yes to the first suitable guy who comes along. It’s a lot harder for a guy to pick up a woman to take home, either casually or as a prospect for future dating. Heck, it’s hard enough just to get a phone number. So while you’re in a bar or club, when you spot a woman who is by herself, you now have a completely different problem. That problem is that every other guy in the club or bar is now your competition. If you thought it was difficult to deal with a woman’s obnoxious friends while trying to approach her and talk to her, you’ll find it that much more difficult to get her attention if there are a ton of other guys also looking to chat her up. So now you have to try and set yourself apart from the rest of the pack of guys in that bar or club. How will you do it? Are you the most handsome guy there? Are you the toughest guy there? Are you the richest guy there? Because those are the qualities women look for. Since most of us can’t lay claim to being the toughest or the best looking, your only option is to start spending your money like it’s going out of style. And that’s where the cost of traditional dating really starts to add up.

Let’s say you finally manage to get the attention of a woman in a club. Well, naturally, you’re going to have to buy her a drink. And you’re going to have to keep on buying her drinks if you hope to keep her attention engaged. You’ve got to keep up a steady stream of patter. You don’t dare make a mistake. You don’t dare say anything that offends. You can’t possibly be boring, not even for a moment, or you’ll have lost her. You’re like an angler with a fishing pole, desperate to reel in that big fish, knowing that any moment your line could snap or the fish could lose interest and take off with your bait. So you’re spending money on drinks… but that girl’s going to get away. A lot of them will. You’ll end up buying drinks for all kinds of women before the night is over, and in most cases, you won’t even have a phone number to show for it. Attractive women know that they can drink for free in any bar as long as there are guys around who will flirt with them and buy them drinks in an effort to get the time of day from them. So now you have to roll like you have tons of money to spare. When was the last time you bought a lot of drinks in a bar? It isn’t cheap, not by any stretch of the imagination. So you’ll be practically going broke, but you’ve got to pretend you aren’t, because a woman isn’t going to waste her time on a guy who’s on a budget. She wants a man who rolls like he has no problems in the wallet area. Money is very important to women.

We should take a moment to talk about that. It may sound like we’re putting women down for the sake of getting you to book a San Diego escort, but that’s not true. Yes, San Diego escorts are incredibly beautiful. Yes, they are very sexy. San Diego escorts know how to have a good time. There is no better professional entertainer than a San Diego escort. San Diego escorts are the best of all possible worlds when it comes to getting the female companionship you desire. But we mean it when we say that amateur women, non-professional, non-escort women, really do have a need for men with money. It isn’t their fault and it isn’t really by choice. It’s something that has come about genetically, thanks to years of evolution. We’re referencing something called “evolutionary psychology.” You see, when humanity first appeared on this planet however many millions of years ago that was, the first human beings were driven by their biological needs. Because women were vulnerable when carrying children, and because they could only have one child at a time (give or take), to get pregnant by any man was a tremendous investment.

As a result of that incredible investment, women had to choose their mates very carefully. They could only choose the best possible options for creating a child, as there was no healthcare and a very real possibility of death during pregnancy or childbirth. Predators or hostile human beings could attack them while they were vulnerable, unable to fight back or run away. Someone had to provide food for them during pregnancy, as they were unable to go and gather it themselves. In other words, being pregnant as part of a mating pair made ancient women extremely helpless. They thus relied on finding the biggest, strongest, best providers they could manage to get their hands on. In other words, they chose “high value” males to be their mates. And even though now we don’t have to worry as much about all those factors, given modern medical care and civilization, the traits that were part of our genetic makeup as ancient human beings are still very much with us as people. This means that all women are genetically driven to choose their men based on their perceived value. If a man isn’t handsome (meaning he has genetic wealth), isn’t a “bad boy” who displays warrior traits (meaning he is tough and can protect her) or isn’t wealthy (because in modern society, wealth is the ultimate measure of your access to resources), she will have no use for him on a genetic level. This is why women don’t want losers. Remember that old song in which the women sing, “I don’t want no scrub?” They’re saying they have no use for deadbeat losers. They want only high-value men.

Well, evolutionary psychology says that these traits are still very much with women today. Men have evolutionary psychology too, of course. Men are capable of impregnating multiple women, and the more women they impregnate, the better chance they have of having a child grow to adulthood. This is passing on your genetic legacy. It’s a built-in drive that all men have. The result is that men are genetically wired to want to have sex not just with one woman, but with many women. What men find attractive is not money, power, or status. The average man doesn’t care if a woman has a good job, holds a lot of power and influence, or even has resources (although it certainly doesn’t hurt to end up with someone with wealth). The average man is a visually stimulated animal who picks his women based on their physical attractiveness. This is why a guy who works as a welder and a billionaire who just flew in on his own private jet will both be attracted to the same scantily clad cocktail waitress. Her lack of status means nothing to a man who is simply taken by her physical beauty — traits that in and of themselves, like her hip to waist ratio, speak to her ability to give him healthy offspring. That’s not to say the average guy is thinking about fathering children or passing on his genetic legacy when he meets a pretty girl. He isn’t thinking much past how much he’d like to get her into bed. But his genetic drives are with him all the time, and they inform what he likes and wants.

Back to women, though. Because women have a genetic predisposition to want high-value men, they will always choose the best man they can find. Their genetic legacy also means they will tend to leave men behind based on whether those men continue to be suitable. In other words, when a man suddenly cannot provide, or has been shown up by another man, the woman will be tempted to leave him. Think about any couple you know where the man suddenly experienced a terrible job loss or perhaps an illness. While his woman probably made a show of standing by him initially, she didn’t stay for long. Women, on the genetic level, are unable to stand by a man who is showing weakness because every cell in their bodies is telling them they need to abandon that man and find a better provider. As a result, women engage in a practice known as “hypergamy,” which is the tendency of women to constantly “trade up” for a man they perceive to be better. It is as much a part of their genetic makeup as a man’s desire to have sex with many women is a part of his. But the result is, and this is the point we’re making in our long-winded fashion, that women value money. If you’re not a man who has a lot of money at his command, you’ve got to be able to at least come off like you do when you are trying to impress women and get their attention. The result is that you’ve got to spend money in clubs and bars that you don’t really have and that you might not really be able to afford… if you don’t want to risk appearing cheap or, worse, poor when you are trying to impress women. Only displays of casual wealth will impress them; the average woman isn’t interested in how frugal you think you can be. So there’s that to deal with.

The money that you’ll be spending in clubs and bars really adds up, but it’s not the only cost of dating the old-fashioned way (we’re really only just getting started where that is concerned. There’s also the “opportunity cost” of the hours you spend trying to get the attention of a woman. What we mean is that while you’re out at a club or bar, sitting around trying to get a woman’s attention, you’re not able to do anything else. You’re not going to take your laptop or tablet into that bar and spend some time being productive or just entertained — not if you want to have any success. If you have ever seen a guy at a bar with his little computer or staring into his phone, you know he doesn’t seem engaged and he isn’t likely to attract any women. So you’re not going to be going to a club or bar and accomplishing anything meaningful. You might actually be downright bored. Every hour that you spend like that is an hour you can never get back. You can’t use it to be productive and make money. You can’t use it to be entertained. You can’t use it to do something you might actually enjoy. Instead, you’re gambling it away, spending it on an activity you don’t particularly like in the hope that maybe this activity will pay off with something you might like — the attention of a woman — later on. This opportunity cost in wasted hours adds up to a huge hidden cost of the traditional dating scene.

It ends up being far less expensive, and much more cost-effective, to just book a San Diego escort. Why is this? Because when you book a San Diego escort, you know precisely what you are expected to pay. You book her time and then she spends that time focused on you for the duration of the booking. She is not distracted. She is not going to get a better offer. She is not going to leave you for a guy who makes more money. She is going to fulfill the job you paid her for, which is spending time with you and focusing her attention on you for the duration of your booking with your lovely San Diego escort. This is much more simple than the traditional dating process. It’s much more cost-effective. And best of all, you can actually predict what it’s going to cost you because you know what you are paying for the booking. When you date a woman, you are constantly shelling out money for unexpected expenses. She wants this gift or that gift. She has this emergency or that emergency. You just never know what is likely to come up. Just paying for cards and flowers to stay on her good side, or apologize for some imagined offense you managed to give her, is enough to cost you a small fortune if you look at it over time, and especially because you can’t always predict when those expenses are going to come up. It’s a racket and a poor means of doing things no matter how you cut it and no matter how you look at it.

Still not convinced? Well, we’re only getting started when it comes to the expenses and liabilities of the traditional dating scene. So let’s say you do strike up a conversation with a woman when you’re out at a club or bar. This will be nothing like the carefree environment that you can achieve when you book a San Diego escort. San Diego escorts are fun, but dating really is about stress and trying to impress a girl, all the time. So when you strike up a conversation with an “amateur” woman at a bar, you’ve now got ahead of you the very difficult task of trying to keep her attention. You’ve got to keep her engaged while you fight to get that phone number, that promise of a possible date in the future. So you have to keep fighting to keep up your end of the conversation, and you have to navigate all the potential minefields of things you could do or say that would turn her off and cause her to start ignoring you again. You’ve got to be funny, personable, engaging, and alert. Basically, it’s a first-level job interview, the way you might interview with a manager over the phone before ever meeting him. You’ve got to make sure you can keep the lines of communication open, but you dare not discuss anything controversial, or fail to get one of her jokes, or do anything else that might potentially make her unhappy. She can go home with any man she chooses; she just has to say “yes” and be as forward as required to seal the deal. You, as a man, cannot. You have to be all things to all people, infallible, wise, entertaining, and basically just a superhero of a man to secure her phone number by the end of an evening (or multiple evenings) of flirting and small talk. And oh, what a drag small talk can be! It is a pain to keep droning on about the weather and other mindless stuff, but that is what she’ll be expecting, so you have to do it. You have to balance the whole time whether you are being yourself too much or not enough, whether you are boring her (or not), whether you are talking too much or too little… it is just an endless stream of second-guessing yourself and worrying about whether you’ll get those digits by the end of the night.

Let’s say that even with all the odds against you in that club or bar, and even though you didn’t do the easier thing and book a San Diego escort, you actually meet a woman, spend the evening talking to her, keep her attention, and get her phone number by the end of the evening. Did you think the process was all but over? Oh, no, friends, this is when it only just starts to get ramped up, and the whole time you are dealing with all kinds of hassles. The hassles of the traditional dating game have only just begun for you, in fact.

Next, you have to deal with days, if not weeks, of text conversations in which you are constantly trying to figure out what she means, whether she is interested, whether she has stopped answering your texts, and so on. This period of any interaction with a woman is practically torture, because you still don’t know if you are going to abruptly lose all the time, effort, and money you have put into the interaction so far. This text message dance can go on for what seems like forever. Sometimes it ends with you actually managing to schedule a date with the girl. Sometimes the messages stop and the interaction ends up going nowhere. There’s no way to tell until you finally get that first date, so in the meantime, you’re at the mercy of a woman who seems to forget that she owns a phone sometimes. You send messages. You weigh whether you dare send another. You analyze the tone of your messages. You wonder if they’re just right, or if they’re too needy, or if you’re coming on too strong. You doubt yourself and the process just never seems to end. Either it will end up with you back where you started, with nobody to interact with, no female contact, and no benefit from all the time and effort and money you have invested, or you actually have a date set up. And that date might actually be where things in the traditional dating process go from bad to worse. Spending time with San Diego escorts is so much better!

So now you are on your first date with this woman. Just like in the bar or club when you first interacted with her, you must be on your best behavior. You must steer clear of any topic of conversation that might offend her. You must be funny, witty, engaging, entertaining, alert, and attentive. You must constantly be on your best behavior so that you can make the best impression. This is so, at the end of the date, you can have the privilege… if you can call it that… of getting another date from her. This process will continue like this for a few dates, however many it takes for you to “seal the deal” and actually make a romantic connection with this woman. It is, in fact, like the longest interview you have ever been on. You are being interviewed for the position of “boyfriend,” and if you screw anything up, just like that, the woman will walk out on you and you will be right back where you started. Remember, she hasn’t been paying for anything all this time. You’ve been the one paying for cards, meals, entertainment, shows, flowers, trips to coffee shops, gas money, and a thousand other things that seem to come up when you are dating someone and trying to impress them. So you’ll be spending all this money, all your time, all your resources… and you could, at any point in the process, abruptly have nothing to show for it. Imagine the waste and the betrayal you would feel if that happened to you. But the woman doesn’t have this concern. Not only can she walk away at any time because she can always find another man lining up for the privilege of wining and dining her, but she can walk out knowing that she isn’t out any investment of anything but her own time, because you have been paying for everything.

But let’s say that you do, against all odds, actually manage to make a romantic connection with a woman. Now you are in a relationship with her. Do you think your situation just got better… or worse? The fact is, unlike when you book a San Diego escort, relationships come with all kinds of strings attached. Booking the feminine companionship of a San Diego escort means you get to enjoy her company with no obligations placed on you. There is no baggage. There is no drama. She will ask nothing of you except how to make you happy. She will make sure you are pleased with your booking, she will do everything in her power to see to it that your booking concludes in a satisfactory way, and she will focus on you for the duration of your booking. Her attention will be all yours, and you will be able to enjoy the company of your San Diego escort in a way you have not been able to enjoy the company of amateur, non-professional women. But when you are in a relationship, everything is different. Relationships always seem like a good idea at the time, at least for a little while. They seldom are, however. Most of the time, relationships are simply a way to burden a man further, making an already difficult life more difficult in exchange for brief bursts of romantic contact which, while he enjoys them at the time, simply aren’t enough to justify what he is going through on an ongoing basis.

Let’s take the drama first. Be completely honest with yourself here: You know as well as we do that women love drama. Women are, on an almost genetic level, unable to have fun. We’re not talking about the certified party girls that make up the ranks of our San Diego escorts. They’re special because they actually know how to have a good time. We’re talking about non-professional, amateur women. These are people who just don’t know how to have fun. They’re actually incapable of it. Think we’re joking? Then picture any guy you know who is in a long-term relationship. Every once in awhile you’ll meet a guy whose lady likes to party as much as he does, who goes out with him and enjoys being with his friends. That’s actually pretty rare, though. In most relationships, your lady resents your friends and resents the time you spend doing fun things with them. When you’re out with your friends you can just enjoy yourself. You can be you. You can do the things you like doing. And you look forward to those getaways with your friends or family, doing something that interests you. Your lady, most of the time, begrudgingly tolerates these activities… as long as you don’t do them too much. Have you heard of the term “kitchen pass?” That refers to your lady telling you it’s okay to go somewhere and have fun without her. Have too much fun, spend too much time out of the home, or more importantly, too much time away from her as she sees it, and she’ll punish you. That’s because every relationship is about signing up to have a new boss telling you what to do.

You don’t like your boss much, probably. Few of us do. It’s because we resent having someone in our lives who can tell us what to do. If you don’t obey your boss, you’ll get fired, lose your job, lose your ability to support yourself, and generally suffer a lot, right? It only makes sense that you would resent that because you fear the power this person has over you. Just the term “boss” makes us all a little uneasy. It’s why there are people who don’t like the term “bossy,” and it’s why you think of that term as something particularly unpleasant. In fact, feminists tried to get people to “ban” the word “bossy” from their vocabularies because they find it offensive when girls are told they are bossy. But think about the irony of that for a moment: Activists who didn’t want men to use the term “bossy” because they find it offensive to be told they want to push everybody around… tried to push everybody around to make it so they couldn’t actually say those things in those words. Does that make any sense? Well, it does when you realize what women are really like. Most women, most non-professional, amateur women, are “fun-suckers.” They hate fun and they suck all the fun out of anything. That’s why you should worry when you want to do something fun, your lady resents the time spent away from her (or doesn’t want to do it), and she tells you, “Go ahead, have fun.” Well, no, of course you can’t go ahead and have fun. Because even if you do go do the thing she was trying to get you not to do, she’ll make sure you’re so very aware of her displeasure, or the threat of how she’ll behave once you come home to her again, that you’ll never be able to enjoy yourself while you’re out doing your thing.

This is the terrible power that all women have in relationships. It’s something that professional entertainers like San Diego escorts would never do to you. Amateur women will go out of their way to suck all the fun out of your life. They want you to enjoy yourself only to the extent that they think you should. They don’t want you having fun without them. They don’t want you going to interesting places without them. If they come with you when you go out, they will complain so much, or make such an elaborate show of having a bad time, that they will ruin your enjoyment of the activity for you. Simply put, women hate it when men are their own people. At least, they behave as if they do. This is the dirty little secret of evolutionary psychology again. Women deep down don’t want a man who is a doormat. They want a man who is confident, powerful, and capable of walking his own self-assured path in the world. This means that only a man who can’t be pushed around will ever actually earn the respect of a modern woman. Modern women act as if they want a man they can bully, and they’ll treat any man who lets them treat him that way just like that, but they won’t respect him. In fact, the more they can push a man around, the more they will, and the less they will respect him for it.

If you don’t think this is true, you have only to ask your guy friends who are married or in relationships themselves. They’ll tell you that relationships are hell, and that they end up not having control over their own lives. Studies have been conducted that show women are much more controlling than men in relationships. They are much more likely to tell men what those men can do, where they can go, how much fun they should have, etc., than men are to tell women those things. In fact, in our society, a man who tried to control his woman the way women control men in relationships on an almost routine basis would be decried as some kind of loser, some kind of abuser. Is the system fair? No, it’s not fair at all, but that’s how it is. When you enter into a relationship with a woman, you are adding a new boss to your life. It won’t be long before she’s telling you what to do… and if you don’t obey, if you ever step out of line, if you ever make a mistake simply because you were not able to read her mind, she will torture you for it. This is the power that all women in relationships have: The ability to withdraw peace and happiness from a household. The average man, when he gets home from a long day at work, just wants to be able to enjoy himself and relax. He wants to be a little romantic. He wants to kick back and basically enjoy his life, away from the stresses of the workaday world. But his woman can deny him that by denying him peace.

She can punish him by treating him like garbage, refusing to talk to him, angrily stomping around, and basically making it known that he is not to enjoy himself. Most men are very sensitive to when their partners are upset and just want to make things better… but for most women, even a sincere apology isn’t enough. It doesn’t matter if you apologize right away; it doesn’t matter if you tell her immediately that you were wrong; it doesn’t matter if the whole thing is a misunderstanding and that you can explain. She won’t hear any of that. She will only want to punish you and make you suffer for a certain amount of time before finally relenting and, after the day has been wasted in a pointless fight that you didn’t want to have, she will then be all upset that the day was wasted, and magically discover something that she wanted to do that she now can’t do, and would have been able to do if only the two of you hadn’t spent the day locked into a pointless fight that she wouldn’t let you apologize your way out of. Every relationship is hell and every amateur woman is a bossy miserable control freak when in that relationship. This is not debatable. It is a fact. And if you are thinking, “But I have a relationship and it’s good,” well, that’s only because your relationship hasn’t had time to turn to crap yet. All relationships do go to hell; it’s rare in the modern era that people stay together, and remain friendly, well into their old age. Usually, things fall apart much faster than that… and it’s only one in every thousand relationships that actually turns out well. Do you know what all the relationships that turn out well have in common? Without exception, the woman involved is not a “typical” amateur woman. She is not the usual sort of woman who gets upset all the time over nothing. In other words, women always hold the control in every relationship, and never let them tell you otherwise. This makes the whole notion that women somehow lack rights, or need more equal rights, that much more ridiculous: Because every woman has the power to terrorize the man she is in a relationship with, and punish him until he obeys her.

Is it any wonder that more and more men are turning to San Diego escorts for the female companionship that they desire? Why would anyone voluntarily subject themselves to that kind of pain and unpleasantness? There is a much better alternative that frees you from all this misery and disadvantage, and that is San Diego escorts. San Diego escorts will never try to control you. San Diego escorts will never try to push you around. They’ll treat you with respect, and give you the kind of high-quality female companionship that every man desires… with none of the strings or obligations attached that normally come with a traditional relationship. If you could have all the female company you desired but never have to put up with dating, relationships, the hidden costs of dating, or the mistreatment that is signing up for a new boss when you start a relationship, wouldn’t you do just that? Wouldn’t you be thrilled to do so, in fact? We think you would, and that’s the basis for our whole business model.

Think about all the disadvantages that traditional relationships carry with them even without the mistreatment and controlling behavior most women exhibit. Women are creatures of drama, so any time you enter into a relationship with one, you will be taking on whatever drama she has happening. The hotter she is, the crazier she will be, because the more time she will have spent in her life with people all around her falling over themselves to be nice to her regardless of her behavior or responses to him. That’s what some people call the “hot crazy matrix.” The hotter she is, the crazier she is, and the crazier she is, the more volatile your relationship will be. Why do you think so many men put up with absolutely lunatic behavior from their women… when those women are smoking hot? It’s because for at least a little while, men will tolerate the crazy for the chance to romance a very attractive woman. And very attractive women have few other options if they are also crazy, so it works out to their benefit to be tolerated to extra degree for their behavior because of their bodies. Nobody gives an ugly crazy woman the time of day, because why would they? What could she possibly have that someone less crazy would not have?

When you enter into a relationship with even a relatively pleasant woman, you have to take on all her baggage. Did she previously date one of your friends and now hates him? Well, say goodbye to your friend, because if you going to be a “good boyfriend” you have to take her side in everything, even if she was the reason the relationship didn’t go well before she and your friend broke up. Does she have problems with her family, or are your in-laws practically a nightmare? Well, we hope you like dealing with that sort of thing, because when you’re in a relationship with a woman, all those problems are your problems, too. In fact, any baggage or drama that she drags into the relationship that predates you will become yours to cope with. And because most women are not great problem solvers, you will have to solve her problems for her (while she complains the whole time that she doesn’t need you solving her problems for her, because that is how women are). And if your lovely lady has financial problems, well, guess what, you just inherited those, too. Most women wouldn’t give the time of day to a man who was in debt and had nothing to offer financially. A woman who is attractive, though, can have a credit score of 500 and no man will care as long as she looks good in a string bikini or some lingerie. That’s just how men are… but it means that they are constantly hooking up with, and getting into relationships with, women who have debts, who then look to their new men to solve that problem for them.

None of this is to say that women are inherently evil. After all, our SDBabes are women. But they are a special class of women, women who enjoy being out and having fun. They love having a good time and they are party girls all the way. Most women wouldn’t know how to handle that much fun if it crept up on them and bit them in the night. The fact is, San Diego escorts are the better solution for female companionship. They are everything you want and nothing you don’t. San Diego escorts are where it’s at, without question.

San Diego escorts are the better way. This incredibly long description of the many ways traditional dating fails should have convinced you by now that you’re much better off booking a San Diego escort. San Diego escorts are fun, beautiful, exciting, and most of all, stress-free. There are no obligations, no baggage, no drama when our ladies meet you for a night on the town. San Diego escorts are the perfect way to get the female attention you crave, and none of the baggage or problems you want to avoid. We think more and more men are turning to San Diego escorts for that reason… and now you have the opportunity to do the same. Book your San Diego escort experience today. You will be very glad that you did so.